Tips for Regular Focus Dailies Users

By: carlos arturo

A large number of people all over the world use contact lenses today. Irrespective of their age and gender, people want to use these lenses either to look good or to correct their visual defects. Easy availability in addition to the affordability are just two good reasons why people switch over to these eye accessories. In order to cater to the varying requirements of people, there is an extensive variety of options to choose from. While Freshlook Colorblends from Ciba Vision are a good choice for those looking for coloured contact lenses to enhance their visual appeal, Focus Dailies from the same manufacturer are ideal for those who need lenses for visual correction. Whether you are buying these lenses or any other brand, you need to consider certain tips to prevent damage to your eyes or the contact lenses.

One of the mistakes most commonly made is inserting the contact lenses into the eyes after applying eye makeup. This can be very problematic and cause a certain amount of disturbance and irritation in the eyes. It is always advisable to insert the Freshlook Colorblends or Focus Dailies first and then start applying eye makeup. Make sure you use makeup products that you are not allergic to. Do not use powder based eye shadows since it increases that chances of the powder entering the eye and interacting with the lenses, thus causing eye irritation. Cream based eye makeup products which are water based are recommended in place of oil based ones. If you decide to opt for powder based makeup accessories, ensure that you dust off the excess before opening your eyes. At the end of the day, remove the contact lenses before taking off any eye makeup.

It is always important to wash your hands with a good soap and to dry them thoroughly before either wearing or removing the Freshlook Colorblends or Focus Dailies. This prevents the lenses from getting exposed to fine dust particles and other irritants that may have settled on your skin while performing various activities through the day. Never rub your eyes hard when you have the lenses on. This can cause eye irritation and sometime damage your eyes or the contact lenses. If you are buying the contact lenses for the first time, you can either seek the guidance of your optician, a regular contact lens wearing family member or a friend to learn how to insert them into the eye and also how to remove them carefully.

Before inserting the Focus Dailies or Freshlook Colorblends into your eyes, it is important to rinse them clean in a good lens solution to prevent any fine particles that may have settled on them from reaching your eyes and consequently causing irritation. Ensure you know how to recognise if the lens has been held correctly. Do not expose your eyes to smoke or chlorinated water in the swimming pool while wearing contact lenses. This can lead to severe irritation and sometimes damage the lens as well.

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