Tips for Quitting Smoking

By: Darren Warmuth

If you want to quit smoking - and truly quit, not just have it as some passing fancy - you must hold yourself accountable not only to yourself but others as well. The nicotine beast, other smokers and your subconscious can all be very persuasive threats on the road to quitting so this is why I so firmly advocate a solid support group of at least two or three other people. Five is even better.

Here the numbers are important because it is that much more difficult to get past five persons to succumb to an overwhelming urge strikes than it is to convince just one person Ė yourself.

Being accountable to others in the group

Of course, you begin by being accountable to yourself first. For example, if you've been off cigarettes for a week and then the irresistible urge strikes you, and you make hundred and one excuses, you battle with guilt and frustration, and ultimately, you give in because the nicotine beast is very strong and you are only one person. This is the story of many people who break down at this point.

On the other hand, if you had five loyal soldiers standing between the overwhelming urge and you, then it would be an entirely different story.

Here's how it works.

So, it is very essential that you set up a small support group for yourself either through email, telephone, or a support forum. Let your support group know of your goal to quit smoking and also what you expect from them. You donít want them to pester you every now and then; make that clear. All you want is that they be there for you when you need help and positive support. You will have weak moments, and it is at that time that you will need their encouragement.

Now, letís see what would be the scene when the overwhelming urge strikes you to have a smoke. Now, you will have to fight not only your own guilty conscience, but also get past five people. You will have to tell them that you have decided to start smoking again.

Once you have got it off your chest, you need not do anything more. You can sit back and listen to five voices reminding you of your resolve. Then, it is up to you to decide whether they are unfair and misguided and your deep down beliefs that you should quit are suddenly wrong. And, if you think that just that 'one' cigarette will do no harm to your determination, you are wrong. Because itís never one; itís invariably the first one that will get you.

The support system works because you have to fight six sane voices against the 'one'.

As I say, the more you know about quitting, the more successful you will be. So get all the information you need BEFORE you try to quit. It's much easier, believe me.

Happy quitting,

Darren Warmuth

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