Tips for Implementing Zoll AED Plus in Your School

By: C Allyn Cutts

When trying to implement a new program at your school or school district you can run into some stiff resistance. The automatic defibrillator will be no exception to this. School officials may initially pose some objections to an Zoll AED Plus program however, with some guidance and advice you can overcome them. One day the school or district may even have to thank you for beginning a program that saved someone's life. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you get started in the right direction.
There many possible stances you can utilize to push for an Zoll AED Plus in your school system. If there has been a tragedy of a student or even faculty member, who has died from cardiac arrest at your school or a neighboring district this heartbreaking event will still be fresh in the minds of parents and administration. Look for assistance from your school nurse too, he or she attends conferences and meetings about issues like this and maybe a great help to you.
Next, spend some time getting together your planning committee. This should be comprised of anyone who is interested, parents, teachers, community leaders, coaches and even the students themselves. The caution here is to not grow so large a committee that you cannot get anything done, to many cooks spoil the soup.
Caution that this will be a long process, the school board will have to consult legal council before any firm decisions or actions are taken. In fact, you could approach the school legal team with the idea before getting too involved in the planning aspects. They can give you the heads up on potential legal issues before you submit your plan. Look into any possible liability issues a head of time this will move things along much faster.
Do your homework gather all the information you can before presenting it to your school board, parents or others especially issues that are particular to your school. For instance take a head count at sporting events, then check the response time of your local EMT service during good and bad weather. Now compile this data into a presentation on possible survival rates should someone experience sudden cardiac arrest.
Talk to and convince as many as possible. Your school board will hear the voice of their parents and supporters before anyone else. This should not present a very big problem, as parents are always concerned with the welfare of their children.
A huge hurdle will probably be getting the money. The school district may already be operating on a strict budget, so be prepared to find alternate sources of funding if necessary. Plan concrete ways to get the initial funding as well as any that will be needed on a regular basis; this will overcome many objections while proving that you are committed to the process of putting Zoll AED Plus in your school.

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