Tips for Good Parenting

By: Sandra Stammberger

Being a parent is very enjoying, but it is also a tough job and entails big responsibility and commitment. No parent is perfect, all people makes mistakes.

Many parents have the hope of having their dream family and becoming the parent they want to be. There many parents that have this hope but do not know where to begin and how to get there. Others know what to do but get side tracked; finding their present state of family is far from what they want it to be.

The following are tips that will help those who are new parents create their dream family and those that seeks transformation in their parenting. These will make parenting easier, more meaningful and encourage parents in their efforts.

• Show your love. Every day, tell your children: “I love you. You are special to me.” Give lots of hugs and kisses. By doing this, your children will feel their importance to you. This will also make them fee at ease to you.

• Make your children safe. Comfort them when they are scared. Show them you have taken steps to protect them. Let them feel that you are a shield and armor for them.

• Listen when your children talk. Listening to your children tells them that you think they are important that you are interested in what they have to say.

• Provide order in their lives. Keep a regular schedule of meals, naps and bedtimes. If you have to change the schedule, tell them about the changes ahead of time.

• Criticize the behavior and not the child. When the child makes or commits mistake, do not say, “You were bad.” Instead, explain what the child did wrong. Let them understand what is wrong with their mistakes.

For example, say, “running into the street without looking is not safe.” Then tell the child what to do instead. You can tell him, “First, look both ways for cars.”

• Praise your children. When your children learn something new or behave well, tell them you are proud of the. Letting them know that you are proud makes them happy and gives them pride.

• Be consistent. Your rules do not have to be the same ones other parents have, but they no need to be clear and consistent. Consistency means the rules are the same all the time. If two parents are raising a child, both need to sue the same rules. Make sure also that the baby sitters and relatives know, and follow, your family rules.

• Spend time with your children. Do things together, like reading, walking, playing and cleaning house. What children want is your attention. Bad behavior is usually their way of getting your attention. Spending time with your kids also create bonding between you and them.

By doing and following these things, it ensures that you are on the right path on parenting. Aside from the things that have mentioned, there are still things that you to consider. The following are some of the things that still have to consider in being a good parent. This will help you realize the dream family that you have been wanting.

• Create your vision of your dream family. Look beyond the immediate behavior or situation seeking to be changed. Rather than focus on quick solutions, consider the big picture. The big picture reflects the long term or the more important values you are trying to achieve.

• Change your self and you will have influence over the destiny of your family. You can influence the outcome o your child’s self-esteem, behaviors and values through your relationship, approach and modeling.

• Change necessary areas of your life to support your family vision. You can make your family a priority without losing yourself or your marriage in the process. Staying on track with your parenting efforts can also support other areas of your life.

The key to good parenting is the eagerness of being a good parent, plus the love for your children and for your whole family.

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