Tips for Choosing a Florida Domestic Violence Attorney

By: Chris Robertson

In the state of Florida, domestic violence charges are not taken lightly. There can be serious, life-changing consequences if you or a family member are convicted of this crime. That's why it is crucial that you select the right Florida domestic violence attorney to be by your side before and during your trial.

What is Considered to be Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is any act of violence toward a family or household member, including spouse, intimate partner, former dating partner, caretaker or children. It can include physical and sometimes mental abuse or sexual assault. When there's an ongoing case of domestic violence, studies show that the person committing an act of violence often uses force to gain power and control over another. Most domestic violence crimes are committed by men against women.

When a person is charged with a domestic crime, he/she has a right to seek counsel from a domestic violence lawyer. The penalty one may face if charged varies depending on the case. Domestic violence crimes are punishable by jail time, prison, community service, fines, probation and treatment programs. In most cases, some sort of restraining order will be issued after the person has been charged. Those found guilty will no longer be allowed to posses a firearm. Repeat offenders will face even harsher penalties.

Before the Trial

Once you've been officially charged with domestic violence, do search for an experienced domestic violence lawyer right away. Choose a Florida attorney that knows the local and state laws concerning domestic offences and how the legal system works through and through. If you are innocent of the charge, you'll want an attorney that can help you prove your innocence with the correct evidence, witnesses, alibi, etc. False accusations can be dropped by building a strong defense to prove innocence.

If you did commit a violent act against someone and are ready to face the consequences, you'll still need the help of a domestic violence attorney to minimize the legal penalties. Having a professional lawyer can mean the difference between a few months of jail time with community service or a few years in a state prison. If you are a first-time offender, you might be able to get the charges dropped if you agree to attend a treatment program for domestic violence offenders. These programs are designed to help people face their problems and try to overcome them rather than continuing to harm others. Sometimes a pattern of domestic violence is learned in family situations (i.e. children see their father abuse their mother), and treatment programs can help an offender break that pattern in his own life.

An important thing to remember is if you are arrested for a domestic violence charge, remain silent until you speak with your lawyer. It is your right to remain silent, and what you say can affect the outcome of your trial.

Use online resources to seek out a Florida attorney in your local area. Type in key phrases in the search engines to indicate the city, such as "Miami attorney" or "Miami domestic violence attorney." Once you find a reputable lawyer, schedule an appointment and ask plenty of questions during your initial interview. Be sure to establish a method of payment up front and listen carefully to the attorney's instructions.

Domestic violence is a serious crime, and no matter what your situation, you don't want to be left defenseless!

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