Tips for Buying Children's Clothing

By: Chris Robertson

Your children's clothing can cost as much as your own, especially when you consider how quickly kids grow out of their clothes. Thoughtful purchases and proper care can save you a bundle.

While high fashion is fun for a while, traditional children's clothes are what kids wear most. Try keeping to the basics for most items and adding a few fashion-forward touches. Jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts make up a large part of a child's wardrobe. They never go out of style and they're great for mixing and matching.

Cargo pants and vintage t-shirts are in style for boys. Cargo pants are as tough and versatile as jeans. (Just be sure to check all the pockets before washing them.) Vintage tees have designs familiar to parents and worshipped by kids: the Beatles, Superman, Batman, and other classic favorites.

Vintage t-shirts for girls feature feminine favorites such as Hello Kitty, Wonder Woman and many animal friends. T-shirts aren't just common short-sleeve, straight body, crewneck knit shirts anymore. Tees now refer to a whole variety of knit shirts-hoods, long sleeves, and v-necks are some of the popular options. Layering is good, with classic cardigan sweaters still (back?) in style.

For fashionable clothing for kids there is no shortage of designers. Among the top children's designers you'll find Zutano, Appaman, Hatley, Sophie Catalou, Jackson Clay, Daily Tea, Dr. Seuss, Little Traveler, and Sage Creek Naturals, to name just a few. Many online stores carry these are other designers of quality children's clothing at discount prices. Size charts and generous return policies simplify online shopping. Gift registries at some sites make it easy to select the perfect present for the arrival of an infant or the birthday of an older child.

Caring for Children's Clothing

Children are tough on their clothing. To make kids' clothes last until they outgrow them, follow the washing instructions on the labels. Before you toss the clothes in the washing machine, separate dark and light colors. Separate denims and bright colors from the general population the first few times you wash them. Pre-treat stains and repair small holes and tears before washing. Zip up zippers to prevent snagging. Turn colored and black garments inside out to prevent fading.

To keep whites bright, wash them in hot water with bleach. But wash dark colors in cold water. If you can line dry the clothes, they will last longer. If you must use a dryer, don't overload it.
If you are lucky enough to keep kids' clothes for more than one season, wash and dry them before you store them in plastic containers. Don't use cardboard boxes for storage: they invite mold and insects.

If you focus on the basics and add a few quality specialty items, you can keep your children well clothed at a reasonable expense. Taking gentle care of the clothing will make them last longer so they can be worn another season or passed down to a younger child.

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