Tips as to how you should charge your nanny

By: John Thomas

The process of identifying the right nanny, to uncomplainingly look after your child, can take quite a few months. Even after hiring the right nanny, it should be your constant endeavor to find methods of holding on to her on a long term basis. Even while interviewing the candidate it is advisable to ascertain whether she will be willing to serve at least for a year. Retaining your nanny is certainly an issue that you need to work out at as her employer. Towards this end, you need to foster an amicable working relationship with her. Be clear and consistent with her duties and role as a nanny, keep the lines of communication open, and iron out any issues that arise instantaneously.

Of course, there is no denying that it is ultimately the nanny's responsibility to perform all the duties you have assigned her. But you must bear in mind that if your nanny is loaded with a long list of daily tasks children are safe such as cooking, picking up the laundry, and running miscellaneous errands for you during the day, she will hardly have time tending to your children. If you have heavy domestic chores and also an infant or a young child to be taken care of by the nanny, consider hiring a separate person to take care of household duties. You can also stress that household chores unrelated to the care of your children take secondary priority over making sure your and healthy.

Every thing said and done, the nanny responsibilities primarily include everything that correlates to the care of the children in her charge. This can include preparing meals for the children, clothing them, entertaining them, doing their laundry and enforcing appropriate discipline. Additional nanny responsibilities may include providing transportation for the children for short outings and facilitating their playing with toys. It is important to keep in mind that some nannies will only perform duties associated with the care and cleaning of the children and will resent performing other household duties. The most important task for you as the employer is to discuss and explicitly outline the duties you expect of your nanny. Nanny responsibilities can include the care of just one child or few children. If she is going to be responsible for more children, make clear to her how many children she will be caring for and also ensure you compensate her accordingly.

Most parents are a worried lot when hiring a nanny. This is true of parents who are leaving their children in the care of a nanny for the first time. However, if you are a parent who has clearly outlined your nanny's role, then you should try to overcome all anxiety and let your nanny do her job. There are certain things you should insist - the nanny must arrive on time for work, she should notify you in a timely fashion if she is ill or will be late for work, she should keep you up to date on any significant changes regarding your child, she should report to you your child's activities, whereabouts, and eating habits during the day etc.

If you ever suspect that your nanny is no longer efficient and there are far too many lapses, it is always good to listen to your nanny's explanation, investigate them and if you still feel she is sulking, the right thing to do is to dispense with her services than risk your child's welfare.

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