Tips and tricks for weightlifting

By: Tom Dahne

In order to encourage yourself to begin a weight lifting program, the following tips should be followed:

1- The colossal benefits of weight lifting should be kept in mind as this provides added motivation and encouragement. These include::

+Increased metabolism rate

+Reduction of excess fat

+Improved blood circulation

+Reduced blood pressure

2- The goals that you want to achieve should first be clear to you. Listing down a number of vague and broad objectives is not enough. For example- you goal should be to lose 1 kg per week or to lose a few inches in a month and so on.

However, these goals must be realistic. Listing out impractical or unachievable goals will not benefit you in any way and will only bring your self-esteem down.

3- In order to ensure that you gain maximum motivation, the environment that you choose to carry out your weight lifting exercises should be comfortable and encouraging. In case you tend to lose interest quickly, you should go for a large gym as compared to a small one with fewer people. Finding a friend who wants to achieve the same results can also be motivational and encourage you to achieve better results.

4- Carrying out stretching exercises in order to warm up the muscles before beginning your routine is essential as it helps to avoid injury.

5- As you have a clear picture of the goals that you want to achieve, monitoring progress is also important. This will allow you to scrutinize the program and make changes, if necessary- in order to make the routine more effective. If this feedback process shows that you have made progress, you will be encouraged to reach the end of your goal. However, in case you have not made any progress or if progress has been slow, you should not get discouraged and continue working towards your ultimate goal.

6- Sticking to a rigid routine that never changes is very monotonous and provides no motivation what-so-ever. Therefore, changing your routine from week to week or every alternate day is recommended.

7- In order to ensure maximum safety, encouragement and guided assistance, a spotter is recommended. This becomes all the more important if you are doing a heavy set.

8- Carrying out strenuous activity over a prolonged period of time will not only tire you out but also prevent your tissues from repairing themselves. Therefore, it is important that you rest between sets in order to achieve maximum results.

9- When you exercise, your body sweats more than usual and when you combine cardiovascular exercises with a weight lifting program, your body sweats even more. In this case, if you are dehydrated, not only will your program not be effective but your organs will also suffer. If you are dehydrated, your body will also not be able to build enough muscle mass.

10- As soon as you achieve a goal, reward yourself in some way. This will provide you with an incentive and encourage you to continue the program until you reach the ultimate goal.

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