Tips To Pick The Perfect TV Stand

By: Donna

If you have decided it's time for a new TV stand then you have found the perfect article. By reading this you will be able to identify the key features to make sure you pick the perfect stand for your TV. People often think that a TV stand is a TV stand - they are wrong, if you pick the wrong TV stand your home entertainment system will never look right.

The dimensions is one of the most important factors that will influence your decision. You have to find one that will fit in your room, there are many sizes of TV's available to if you buy a massive 42" TV, you have to buy a stand that is suitable length to fit the TV on.

Never buy a TV stand that is smaller than your TV, you may think this is common sense but you are always best to check the dimensions of your TV to make sure the stand will be able to hold it. If you buy one a little bigger you could always add additional components on to it.

Another dimension that you must consider is the depth, this is probably more essential then the length because you would hate to have your TV hanging over the front or back of the stand as it may fall off at any time, damaging your TV. On the other end of the spectrum you would hate to have a nice, classy flat screen on a wide stand as it will look out of place.

One important factor to check is the weight of your TV. If you were to buy a TV stand that cannot support your TV's weight then it would just collapse and crush anything underneath the stand, not to mention damage your TV. If you don't check this you could be buying a new TV and TV stand in the very near future.

Extra Features

Some TV stands have optional extras which can make your life easier, wheels are a big help if you plan on moving your TV around as you will be able to do it without lifting the whole unit which can be extremely heavy, especially after you have DVD players and other equipment in/on the stand.

If you plan on adding bits and pieces around your TV you may want to look into stands that can have adjustable shelves, these will make it easier and safer when housing extra components to your TV.

A popular addition which enhances your TV stands appearance is cable management, especially with all the gadgets available for your TV on today's market. This will allow you to run cables discretely around the stand so it won't look messy and untidy.

Where can you find the best place to buy TV stands?

The internet is becoming the most popular method of shopping as they offer many different styles to choose from in one place. Once you have found the perfect stand you can browse around many stores online finding the best price.

Another reason why people are buying online is that they can offer unbeatable prices as they don't have as many outgoings as static shops. They don't have to buy stock upfront, they can just upload an image of it and buy when one sells. This is much more cost effective.

Static shops have a very limited amount of space so you will not have the facilities to see a great deal of variations, therefore limiting your options. One of the advantages of buying from static shops is that in the event of any problems you can take it back easier without having to deal with posting it anywhere.

Be sure to shop around to get the best price so that you get complete value for money.

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By shopping around you can pick up a TV Stand to match any price range!

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