Tips To Make Your Customer Communications Better

By: Janet Andersen

Communicating with your prospects and even customers is so vital today, yet many marketers don't do it. You should communicate with both prospects and customers via pre-sale emails, post-sale emails, receipts, alerts, newsletters, special offers, etc.

I know things go way too fast and there is just not adequate time to get everything done, but if you don't do this you might be leaving money on the table.

You have to pump up your messages, give them a little oomph. Add just a handful of of these ideas into the message system you currently have and you should see a higher response rate to you offers.

Emotion sells, but emotion can be used in your other messages too. Share your feelings with them and lead them into the feelings you want them to have. "I want you to feel 100% happy about your decision to purchase the XXX product from me, because I know it was the best thing you could have done". Now put that out to your customers rather than the standard "Thanks for your purchase", I bet the results will be better.

Let your customer know a little about you, make things personal. I have a membership site that sends out an automatic email when it has been 15 days since they last logged in. You have no idea how many thanks for the reminder emails, and wow I didn't know you cared emails I get back because of that.

Bear in mind an impersonal automatic email is so easy to delete, but an email from someone they think they know is much harder to ignore.

Let your new customer know how happy you are that they ordered from you, give them some tips on how they can best use what it was they just bought. If they use the item they will come back and buy from you again.

Most important, and you would not believe how many emails I get without this, you really need to give the reader a call to action. Every email you send out needs a call to action to be incorporated. This will condition your reader to do something every time they receive an email from you. They will sub-consciously expect it to be there, and will follow your command. Sounds mesmerizing does it not?

Get them to click to a related article, comment on your blog, share this with a friend, post it on their Facebook page. Anything it is you wish for them to do, be sure you tell them. That way when you are trying to sell them something again and say click this link to see what I have to offer, they most likely will.

Nearly all emails and newsletters that go out can use a little help so why not get working on some of yours right now? Keep it personal, give them some tips, help out your customers they will appreciate it. Don't just file your notes on this, you did take notes didn't you? Get to work on some of your emails or maybe your next newsletter, and increase your response rate.

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