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By: Kelly Orange

As we all know that website design plays very important role in the success of online business. A website design with better usability & accessibility leaves lasting effect on visitors’ mind. Website design should be such that helping businesses to easily project professional image as well as best describe overall business criteria.
But developing a professional website design is not an easy job as it sounds. It requires adept knowledge of designing techniques, tools and standard along with hard practice. In my case after a so many years I could get knowledge of designing a website that looks beyond good and appreciate by client. I failed several times but each failed time is an opportunity for me and I took it as it should be.
Okay, now I am going to show you few of the things that I have taken in to consideration throughout the years. The things are small but have great effect on my designing job.
Here I have given few things that I normally follow whenever it comes to design a new website.

Background Awareness:

There are several colors and images which you can use as a website background but I prefer white background because of its ability of conveying ideas of patience, professional efficiency and serenity. Actually this is not mandatory to use white background in order to get professional looking website but it is the trend and most often business websites use it to give easy & smooth customer experience. If you are at the edge of coloring your website background then what you need to take care is that make sure that it is not over used and best match up with your overall design of website.

Proper Fonts Selection:

Yes, Sans serif fonts play very important role in giving a professional look to the website. Normally we can divide fonts in to Serif & Sans serif categories. Arial, Calibri, Verdana and Helvetica are the sans serif fonts which are very clean and straight in lines and edges. Although, the debate of which fonts are good for getting professional look of website is still going on but several professional looking websites have used sans Serif fonts to give professional touch to the website and typography analysts believe that san serif fonts are effective to have professional look of website.
Nevertheless, if you want to use Serif fonts, I recommend to mix-up serif & sans serif fonts like having titles of page in serif and further content in sans serif fonts. Keep in mind that only uses two fonts per content page and throughout the website use three. This will help to avoid visual anarchy and from any fonts glitch.

Use Colors Wisely:

If there is heavy use of contrasting colors then the chances of creating distraction for visitors will be higher and visitors will not stay on your site as you are expecting to stay. If you do not want to hire professional web design agency which can help you with your site then in such case it would always become pleasant to use limited blocks of colors.
Statistics have shown that people generally see and read those texts which are colored black on white background.
So, here you need to keep a thing in mind that doesn’t use bright color which become challenge for viewers and reduce the chances of people to read text.

Be Connected With Latest:

Web design industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and something new in the form of tool, technique or standard is developed. So, you should also make sure that does the website that you are going to design follow all the latest standards of designing?
If you have hired a professional website designer then tell him to use clean code which in order to make website compatible with W3C standards. This will help you to design error-free website as well as make good image in the eye of search engines.

Clear & Talkative Layout:

Your website layout should be clear and easy to use. Ensure that your main page (home page) should clearly guide visitors about what it is and effectively connect them with the other resources that you have taken on home page. Furthermore, your website design should have clear, visible & easy to find menu which list all your important pages, services and product links.

So, keep these simple but effective things in mind when it comes to design professional looking website. These are simple things but can make big difference.

Hope you love to read this article.

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