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Are you desire of becoming an online entrepreneur? If so analyze, why you are not taking any step in that direction. List out the factors that are pulling you from moving forward. There is really a gold mine in the internet business world. Many have come forward to explore it, but vanished soon after their entry. There are mainly two factors that are holding people from pursuing their goals. If you overcome these two factors you can achieve real success in the internet business world.

Are you harboring a dream of becoming a successful online entrepreneur. If so just think over the facts which are holding you back. The internet revolution and the success of so many people in their online venture, have created an urge in large number of people to start their own online business. But many vanished from the scene without even taking a single small step towards achieving their goal.

!b>The Two Factors That Are Holding People Back

The two psychological factors for the massive rate of quitting even before starting, there seems to be two important things which are holding people back. One is fear of failure and the other is fear of criticism. Those, who are prisoners of these two fear factors, should realize one thing, that the people who are criticizing you won't help you in the hours of your need. To be successful you have to choose your own destiny and should not allow others to steal your dream.

The fear of failure dominates one's mind because of the failure rate in conventional business and the stress and strain and risk associated with business. That's why only 5% of the population are into business and the rest is going after job, fulfilling somebody's dream. People who are lazy and not willing to take risk and those with hypocritical mind set deceiving themselves that they have no ambitions, are the people who are going after job. Today's competitive world and demanding job responsibilities take away the security aspect from the job. You have to be on your toes always and it has its own side effects on your health. It is not that, only business people are experiencing stress and strain. Among job goers, even people in their 30s are having diabetes, heart problems and so on. The hard fact is that you can't become rich through job and ultimately you will end up with a debt serving career.

You need to harbor business mentality and throw away the fear psychosis, to be successful in your business venture. Realize that job is also associated with stress and the risk of losing your job when you are in your middle age facing a huge commitment. Another important point you have to implant in your mind is that starting and doing an online business is not risky as you need only a minimal investment. No stress and strain factor as you can pursue your online business in your spare time without sacrificing your regular job or business. Making your mind clear over these facts will take away the fear psychosis and procrastination will take a back seat. The sweet part of online business is that it is so simple to start. See the facts:

No huge investment needed

You can start with $0 through affiliate marketing and network marketing

You need not have your own product

You can do it at your flexible time without affecting your regular income

No risk as there is no huge investment

It costs you a small amount, if you want to have your own website to promote your product or affiliate product

Many free sources are available to guide you

Explore The Internet Revolution

Now the internet world has plenty of opportunities to explore to your advantage. It will be a costly mistake of your life if you choose to remain outside and not taking on the business opportunities of the internet world. The network marketing had changed the concept of business in 1960s. It had taken the corporate world by storm and it emerged very strong overcoming the hurdles created by the corporate bigwigs. It enabled even a common man to start his own business through a minimal amount, not over $100 in most cases. But it took almost twenty years for people to recognize it as a viable business alternative. Network marketing is easy to start and is a powerful way of achieving your financial freedom. But as in any field, success requires consistent and persistent efforts on your part. So at any stage don't quit by hearing what others say. By pursuing your goal you have nothing to lose but more to gain. Remember that 95% are job goers and the common mind set people possess. It is natural for them to criticize everything and make mockery of other's efforts to get out of the common mindset. You know the surprise fact that network marketing is creating 30% of the world's millionaires, every year.

Accept The New Reality

Any business which ignores the changing environment can do so to its own peril. E-commerce became the buzz word when the internet has changed the way of shopping. Realizing the need for change, the network marketing companies quickly added e-commerce facility to their business models. You can sign up online and the sell the products of your company online. You need not stock products. The shipping and payment collection will be taken care of by your company and you will be paid for your efforts of referring people. The companies discovered that online business model was cost effective and they were able to cut down their over-heads.

Affiliate Marketing As Another Online Business Opportunity

Affiliate marketing is another way of starting your online business. Most companies offer affiliation free of cost. Just sign up their simple form and start selling their products. You will be paid a percentage of the sales price for your effort of referring the customer. After signing a link will be provided to you and for sales made through this link is accounted for you. Though affiliate marketing or net work marketing does not need a website of your own, it will be prudent to have one. Redirect your referrals through a link from your own site to the concerned affiliate marketing product or the network marketing company's website.

Getting a domain name for your web site and hosting it, is not a costly thing. It costs you only a small amount. As said above there is no huge investment and thus no risk. After owning a website start your advertising campaign on a small budget. Analyze your advertising effects and change according to the conversion you get. Choose the right company and the right product to promote. Having your own website will help you to put your online business on a auto pilot mode.

Author Message: If you have the will and burning desire, there are lot of opportunities on the internet. Not just planning but doing things is the progress. You have to believe that you can be a successful online entrepreneur and achieve financial freedom. Throw away skepticism and fear psychosis. Getting started is the first step you have to take. Always remember that online opportunities are the best way of starting a business with low investment and more or less no risk factor.

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