Tips For Portrait Photography

By: Roger Smiths

Photography is done at events, parties, marriages, and for every single moment that we want to remember forever. Photography is of many types like artistic, panoramic, nature, etc. but here we will be discussing the portrait photography. This type of photography our main focus is our subject; whom is being captures.

There are few important tips for Portrait Photography:

• Frame your subject: Framing helps give image dept and draw eye to a particular point of the image. It helps in giving your subject the focus; at the most striking feature of the subject. As in case of a girl’s portrait photography, if the girl’s striking features is her eye; than the focus is framed at the eyes to give the image the real dept and make the image look outstanding and beautiful.

• Going with wide angles: Wide angle helps in capturing the distortions that adds a dramatic effect to the images. These wide angles help to capture some memorable shots.

• Using different backgrounds: Although the person in portrait photography is the main subject. However using different background will surely alter the mood of the photography. Experimenting with background; sometimes helps your subject to really stand out.

• Holding your camera at a angle: One basically sees the horizontal and vertical clicked images. Although these horizontal and vertical shots are important, yet by adding a diagonal angle adds fun to the images. By changing the angle one can add a sense of fun and energy to the shots.

• Introduce movement: Although portrait photography can be static, but by adding movement the whole concept can be changed. The movement can be achieved either by moving the subject or by keeping the subject still and having something in the background that moves or by moving the camera.

• Playing with subjects expressions: Playing with subjects emotions makes the image more realistic and fun. Try to capture extreme emotions with some sober and serious type shots.

• Interesting subject: An interesting subject adds a new dimension to the photos. One of the best ways is to find interesting subject is to look for people who are different from others. Once an interesting subject is found, look for dramatic backgrounds that can further add dimensions to the images. These clicks with different subject and illustrative backgrounds make a picture perfect click.

By keeping these points in mind one can get perfect portrait photography.

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