Tips: Scaling Objects with Different X and Y Scale Factors in CAD Software

By: Karl Lundberg

Sometimes in 2D drafting, we need to apply different X and Y scale factors to change the size or shape of existing objects. For example scale it only on X axis without scaling on Y axis. But it seems impossible for ZWCAD to do this with the Scale command. In ZWCAD users are not allowed to specify different scale factors on different axis at the same time. So it is difficult for us to change window "a" to a narrower window "b" just by scaling as shown in Figure 1.

Scaling a window to change its size and shape window_to_change_its_size.jpg

Are there any other ways to scale X an Y axis separately? Here is one way--we combine scaling with block insertion. Make the objects into block, and then insert with uniform scale factors, after which we explode the block to get the original objects back. The detailed steps are as follows:
1. Select the objects which you want to scale, and then turn the objects into a block with the Block command.
2. With the Insert command, insert the block made in step 1, into your drawing.
3. In the Insert Block dialog box, change the X and Y scale factors, as required. Remember to uncheck the "Uniform Scale" option before inputting the scale factors.
4. Put the block at the purpose location of your drawing.
5. Run Explode command to make the block into original objects.

Define scale factors before inserting a block

One exception is polyline with arc segments. After exploding a uniform scaled block that is made up with polyline, you will find the arcs become elliptical arcs. Even so, converting objects into block is a good way to scale object in different directions. But in practical term, it is a roundabout way to achieve. Is it possible to make it work by a simple command? Luckily I found a lisp program from some website to save steps for this task. Users may refer to: Scaleaxis (

With all above, users will surely find scaling in different directions independently in ZWCAD has never been so easier!

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