Timeless Toys; Wood Toys to Pass on to the Next Generation

By: Julien Raynal

Choosing a toy for your toddler is a very daunting task. Have you ever been to a toy store recently? There are so many different toys to choose from. It is a parent’s goal to choose a toy that will be enjoyed dramatically and sturdy enough to survive a toddler's inquiring hands.

Many parents have bought expensive gadgets only to have the child enjoy playing with the toys boxes instead. There is however one group of toys that have seemingly stood the test of time: the rocking toys. These wood toys are very nostalgic, especially the wooden rocking horses. These are toys that children have ridden on for centuries. They are built small enough for a child to sit on and ride comfortably. They come in all different sizes and shapes for children of many different age groups. Children let their imagination run wild when on one of these toys.

Children wood toys have been around for ages. These toys have kept children entertained and happy over the years. They are simple and do not require batteries or electronic intervention giving them an indefinite lifetime. Children wood toys started off with simple easy to make designs requiring little skill to make and mostly resembled every day objects that were commonplace in a child’s day to day life. Great examples of this type of toy are the rocking horses.

Among the children wood toys one stands out; the wooden rocking horse. Rocking horses are designed to resemble the shape of the horse and the horses feet are attached to a pair of rockers. The child uses the rocker by sitting on the horses back, rocking back and forth. Some traditional rocking horses have horse’s mane, a saddle, stirrups and a handle on the horses head for the child to hold on to. The child then rocks back and forth resembling riding a horse. From that point that the child first mounts the rocking horses his/her imagination takes over. A child can become a cowboy, a queen out for an afternoon ride or a jockey. The child’s mind is the limit on what they can be.

Rocking horses are also an excellent heirloom. After the child enjoys the horse it is stored away in the attic until the next child comes along. This type of children wood toys has given timeless fun for children throughout the years. There are other types of riding wooden toys available in the market place today. There is a variety of ride on animals; elephants, and bunnies to name a few. There are also rocking biplanes, trucks and cars. These wooden rocking toys make an excellent gift for any child. Many adults remember their childhood days remembering their first and unforgettable ride on a wooden toy, and wish to pass those memories on to you children. Start a family tradition and purchase a heirloom to be passed down the generations by reviving the rocking horses in your family.

Then there are word pull toys. These children wood toys can be animals (mounted on wheels), cars or trucks with a string attached. Children pull those toys around or play with them when they are stationary.

Children wood toys are made to last and are sturdy. They make a perfect gift for small children who are still curious. These types of toys teach a child about themselves, letting them realize that they have the ability to make things happen

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