Time Stands Still With Catholic Uniforms

By: Sarah Carlye

When it comes to Catholic school uniforms, not much has changed over the years. The Catholic school uniforms that students wear are very traditional and conservative. Oftentimes they actually date back to when Catholic schools first opened. The crest that is seen on most Catholic school blazers is the school’s symbol and it represents the story of the school’s mission. This crest is often a source of pride for the students and the alumni of Catholic schools.

Catholic school uniforms have been around for quite some time now, long before school uniforms became mandatory in public schools. It is easy for people to now identify Catholic school students by simply seeing their navy or light blue colors. These uniforms have been the standard because Catholic schools believe that they are providing their students with a healthy academic client by having them wear these uniforms. While this is up for debate even today, facts like six of the nine Supreme Court justices have graduated from a Catholic institution, support the benefits of Catholic school structure. Before the recent studies that have shown that school uniforms do actually help students to be able focus more on academics and less on social status, Catholic schools required their students to wear uniforms.

There are some students who do complain that these uniforms do not allow them to express who they are as individuals. These students will state that they look like one of the school’s employees since they are wearing nothing more than a basic hotel uniform. However, Catholic school administrators argue that an employee uniform for a business is very different from the school uniform. Many school principals prefer uniforms because it simplifies the students’ look and encourages modesty.

Overall, the Catholic schools that originated the idea of requiring school uniforms remain true to their roots and their dress code still includes school uniforms that are very much like the ones that have always been worn. There are some schools that feel that they must move forward with the current times are exploring different options in hopes of keeping enrollment up. Currently you will find that there are some school administrators who are actually trying to reach a compromise with the students who attend their school. One of the compromises you will find in some Catholic schools, students now have the option not to wear uniform pants. Of course, students still have to wear the uniform shirt and comply with other dress code requirements of the Catholic school that they attend. They will also have to follow the options that are outlined for the color and style of pants that they are permitted to wear. Usually students will not be allowed to wear jeans or sweatpants even when they do have some choice in the pants that they get to wear. This will usually appease those students who are making demands upon their Catholic schools to put an end to school uniforms while also appeasing the administrators who have absolutely no desire to bring an end to these uniforms.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Catholic schools did away with uniforms and school uniforms were only required in the public schools? That is not likely to happen though! So, students that attend Catholic schools will need to wear school uniforms. To purchase Catholic school uniforms that are affordably priced go to AllUniform.com to see the full line of school uniforms that are available for both girls and boys.

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