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Cooking can be a tedious task if you are not prepared with the proper supplies. If you have the right tools, this process can be much less stressful while also saving you a lot of time.

Manufacturers are quite familiar with the problems faced in the kitchen, so they are constantly innovating on kitchen supplies that save time and effort. With the most efficient tools and gadgets, kitchen chefs can be more productive and organized. Even the flavor and quality of meals improve when cooks have more time to prepare a meal properly. The following tools are excellent products that can help make the cooking process faster.

Microwave Chip Maker

This kitchen gadget can save you plenty of time and plenty of...calories. Your kids ask you for chips and fries all the time but you hesitate to feed them with the supermarket variety because they are loaded with trans-fat. You can delight your children by making chips in just minutes, at the same time trimming off the unwanted fat content.

Choose some potatoes (or fruits and vegetables) and use the chip maker to slice them up. Once you have filled up all the slots, put the chip maker into the microwave. You get 36 crisp fries very quickly. No more frying and standing around the stove waiting for them to be golden brown.
Service Bar on Ice
When you are having an outdoor picnic in the park or having a BBQ at your house, it can be difficult to keep your food fresh for a long period of time. This is especially possible when they are exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

If you have appetizers and condiments that need to stay cool even during a hot day, this service bar with ice at the bottom can keep your ketchup, pickles, mustard, chips and finger food fresh and tasty. Gather up your barbecue fixings and vegetable sticks and line them up in this transparent service bar. Fill the bottom section of the bar with ice cubes and you can get the freshest ingredients. It also comes with an easy cover to keep insects out. Each compartment (there are five of them) can hold up to two cups of anything and it is made of plastic so there is no danger of breaking or chipping!

Food Decorating Pen

If you are hesitant to make cakes, brownies and cupcakes because you cannot decorate them with your favorite icing, this problem is solved with the food decorating pen. Instead of fumbling and mishandling the traditional pastry bag and spending minutes washing it after use, you can now opt for this food decorating pen that’s guaranteed to produce professional results.

Your pastries and cakes may look like they came out of a bakery. Use this food decorating pen for your cookies, muffins, cakes and other sweet delights and save yourself a lot of time. All you need is to make your favorite sauce or icing (or store-bought icing), fill the pen with it and simply squeeze the sides to add the icing to your dessert. It comes with two nozzles: one for fine lines and the other for thicker lines. Make smiley faces, hearts, stars, doodles – anything that stirs up your creativity!

Cherry & Olive Pitter

If your recipe calls for pitted olives or pitted fruit, this pitter does not create a kitchen mess with splatters! It comes with a shield that eliminates splattering altogether and pits your olives and fruit like a pro.

It can handle giant size olives and fruits and comes with a front cup to catch all the pitted flesh. The non-slip comfortable grip ensures that you can pit as many olives and fruits as needed without tiring out your wrists. The pitter performs the task 100% and it can easily goes into the dishwasher. This also helps you save time without the need to wash it by hand

Slicers: Cutting up summer fruits effortlessly!

If your family loves fresh pineapple, but you hesitate to purchase it because of the difficiulty involved in cuting it, this neat gadget delivers a perfectly cut pineapple in just seconds. It can peel, core and slice a whole fresh pineapple without your hands getting entangled and pricked!
In just one swift uni-directional motion, your pineapple remains whole and ready to become a crowd pleaser.

Want a large melon sliced as well? Summer fruit can be prepared and served quickly to friends and family with this ingenious melon slicer. This kitchen tool produces 12 uniform slices of your watermelon, honeydew or cantaloupe. It is made with a comfortable and robust grip so you are spared from hand and wrist fatigue. Do not let summer’s unwieldy fruits tire you out. Save precious time with these pineapple and melon slicers! Both slicers are made of durable plastic and can go into the dishwasher any time!

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