Throwing the Perfect Pirate Theme Party

By: Richard Curtain

Ahoy me maties! Shiver me timbers, is it that time of the year again? It's another year and your kid's birthday is just around the corner and wonder of wonders, this year he wants a pirate themed party. Sure, last year's superhero themed party was great and all, but wouldn't it be nice to have swords and ships this time instead of capes and masks?

Planning a kids' birthday party these days has evolved from just having cake and balloons to actually having a theme, which is mostly about anything and everything that interests him at the moment, whatever that may be. Nothing is more fun for kids than to dress up in costumes and play pretend to a higher level with his closest friends and family, even if it is just for a day.

Having said that, your first step is now to go online and scour the internet for some great party tips and ideas to make your kid's birthday party a hit. With the internet being the largest source of information there is, finding ideas for the perfect pirate party will be a piece of cake (no pun intended). However, it is important that the theme suits the celebrant because it is certainly no fun planning something that wouldn't even generate the slightest excitement.

You can research to get an idea of just how evolved party planning has become, as well as how creative people are these days when it comes to making sure their kids have fun on their birthdays. Another thing you need to remember is to have a checklist at hand with all the things you need to do listed in order complete with a deadline by which they need to be completed so you don't forget anything important and essential to making the party a huge success.

The great thing about the internet is that you will be able to find anything and everything you need to plan the perfect pirate party, what with the abundance of party supply stores that offer the perfect party decorations and supplies. When you visit for example, you can browse through a wide selection of pirate decorations, balloons, invitations and party favors that will fit your theme to a T. You can either pick and choose the stuff that you need or pull out all the stops and let them organize the party for you, from distributing your invitations to distributing the party favors after.

Of course, the first thing that catches the eye at any party is the decorations. While it may seem easy to just put up a few red and black flags decorated with a skull and crossbones, nothing beats having a few red and black flags decorated with a skull and crossbones as well as a pirate ship or treasure chest piñata hanging from the ceiling just waiting to be smashed.

What else could be more enticing than serving a treasure chest chocolate cake and pirate grub on pirate bounty dinner plates while drinking up some pirate "grog" from pirate goblets while being surrounded by pirate-themed foil balloons? Sites like will ensure you get the best balloon sticks and cups that will have them yelling "Aye!" every time.

Talking of balloons, of course, no pirate party is complete without the iconic skull and crossbones-printed balloons that represent exactly the spirit of adventure and daring that makes pirates so appealing to little boys and girls. Your balloons can be one huge foil balloon centerpiece or several black and red latex balloons strewn carelessly but artfully around the room to represent the pirates' carefree and fiercely independent attitudes.

Balloons are sometimes the only décor you need to throw a great party so you can also choose from other iconic pirate designs like inflatable parrots, pirate ship and treasure chest printed balloons in to liven up the atmosphere.

And last but not the least, what is a pirate party without some pirate grub? Next to the balloons and party favors, one thing kids look forward to at any party is eating cake. You can either get the cake made to order or bake your own treasure chest cake filled with candy necklaces, gold chocolate coins and chocolate bars to appease your little treasure hunters. You can also use pirate themed table covers and napkins for the little pirates to wipe their messy faces with to add to the adventurous theme.

To add a bit of excitement, you can give away treasure map cupcakes at the start of the party that the guests can use to find the treasure chest cake or the party favors you've prepared to give away. Of course, remember to serve food that won't be so messy to eat or hard to handle as kids will mostly want to play games rather than sit down and eat. Finger foods are recommended but make sure they still stay true to the theme of the party.

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