Throw Your Rosetta Stone Out The Window - Now Call Anyone With Smart Translation App

By: Kenny Suchens

I am not saying that learning another language is a bad idea; I think it is a great talent to have, but in the interim it would be great to be able to communicate using a translation app while you’re learning as well.

!b>Smart Mouth Mobile!/b> has proven itself to be not only a forwarding thinking company, but also one that never stops to rest on its laurels. Since June, the upstart mobile app developer has had Smart Mouth Mobile, Smart Mouth Kids, and Smart Mobile approved in iTunes and in the Google Android Market with Blackberry out in a matter of days. There have already been three updates with a 4th in the works and each update has been substantial. First I want to give you an overview of what Smart Mouth Mobile is and what it does, then we will go into the new translation app from Smart Mouth Mobile that is truly going to change the world.

Smart Mouth Mobile is many applications in one. First, you have unlimited calling and texting at no cost with any other person anywhere in the world, on any network, on iPhone, Android, or Blackberry as long as they also have the application installed. For only a $19.95 annual subscription upgrade you can call any landline or mobile number anywhere in the world for a penny per minute. This social networking app also manages your instant message accounts and keeps them all in one place within the app so you don’t have to use multiple apps; Smart Mouth Mobile handles it all and even has Facebook chat and Twitter integration.

Smart Mouth Mobile is riding the crest of the wave of the future by implementing VOIP and WiFi technology in ways never attempted before in mobile communications. First and foremost, Smart Mouth Mobile wants to provide a communications platform that is affordable to every person on the planet. With that in mind, the company has implemented their “Pay it Forward” program which gives free lifetime subscriptions to military, law enforcement, first responders, etc. This incredible philanthropic enterprise will provide the $19.95 annual subscription to over 27 million people!

In their latest effort to make the world a better place, Smart Mouth Mobile has done what no other company has done before, they have made it possible for you to communicate with people all over the planet with the Smart Translation App, no matter what language they speak(52 languages currently supported). In this first version of the translation app you will be able to have text messages translated to and from anyone else who has the application installed. For example, if you have a friend in Japan who speaks Japanese and you are in the United States, speaking English, the two of you can chat back and forth for no cost after downloading the Smart Translations app for only 99 cents! Coming soon, you will also be able to upgrade to a voice version that will translate calls instantly in all 52 languages!

I think you would have to agree that Smart Mouth Mobile has to be the most innovative and prolific mobile app development and Communications Company on the planet and the addition of the Smart Translations App just to add even more emphasis on this eolving story.

Since the days of Alexander Graham Bell at the birth of the Communications Age the industry has evolved and morphed into something that even he wouldn’t recognize today. Since the invention of the mobile phone and its introduction to mainstream society on a large scale in the eighties consumers no longer have to remain tethered to a wall mounted phone or an old school phone sitting on a desk or table. Thanks to incredible technological breakthroughs in mobile communications technology one may now have access to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world no matter where they are on mobile devices that fit in a shirt pocket. Indeed, now it is possible to have a cellular device that is smaller than the old pagers we used to carry around before the introduction of Communications Companies via WiFi And Mobile VOIP Smart Mouth.

As with any new technology, the cost of these early phones was too high for the general public at first and per minute charges even domestically were ridiculously high as well, one didn’t even consider making a mobile call overseas back then. Now, wireless companies market mobile devices at no cost in order to sell lucrative multiyear contracts, but rates even though they are lower are still cost prohibitive in many parts of the world. In the tiny Caribbean island of Barbados it is too expensive for many on the island to call loved ones in places such as the U.S. and Canada. Unfortunately, this economic barrier exists in far too many parts of the world and even in the United States monthly billing plans can be hundreds of dollars per month for those who use their mobile devices as the sole source of communication.

Out of the box thinkers like the prolific inventor leading the creative team of Smart Mouth Mobile have developed mobile applications that make use of the availability of WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE along with voice over internet protocol or mobile VOIP services to create a communications application for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and all Android and Blackberry devices including tablets. These innovative applications known individually as Smart Mouth Mobile, Smart Mouth Kids Mobile, and Smart Mobile allow unlimited calling and texting at no charge to others who have the app installed on their mobile device and the new upgrade available in version 1.3 for $19.95 USD per year will give access to penny per minute calling rates to anyone on the planet, by far the lowest rates available anywhere.

For those in the communications industry that are keeping their eye on the ball it is very obvious that the future of mobile communications will be WiFi and mobile VOIP services. The proof of this fact is all around us with Microsoft buying Skype, Google buying Motorola Mobility, Barbados implementing nationwide WiFi, Japan doing the same through Ruckus Wireless, and even the FCC announcing plans to develop unused TV band signals for WiFi across great distances. This is a revolutionary moment in the history of communications and as always the changes come about from the rebels, those who are able to see into the future and bring it to the present.

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