Three Week Kick Start Shape-Up Plan

By: Maximus Townsen

The slow and steady route to fitness and good health is usually the best approach to getting fit and healthy. However, sometimes a kick start shape-up plan can initially get you off to the right track. If you find you have let your fitness routine slack off, or are looking to kick-start a fitness regime, here is a six week shape-up plan to get your on your way:

1. Week one

To get the plan underway, start off gently. Take gentle regular exercise such as walking or a light jog which is gentle enough to not leave you aching, but strenuous enough to have you break out in a light sweat. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise every second day. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and work out only on alternate days, to give your body a chance to rest and recover.

2. Week two

Now is the time to start strength training. Continue with the 30 minutes cardiovascular exercise every second day, but begin to include some strength training exercises. Introduce 1 to 2 exercises for each muscle group and make sure to rest on alternate days. For your chest, incorporate a bench press or do push-ups, and aim to do 15 reps, or as many as you can possibly do. For shoulders, do an overhead press or lateral raise for 15 reps. For biceps, do bicep curls and concentration curls for 15 reps. For triceps do kickbacks and triceps extensions, 15 reps. For lower body do squats and lunges for 15 reps. For abdominals do crunches and reverse crunches for 15 reps. Keep a note of what weights you have used (if any) and how many reps you were able to achieve.

3. Week three

Keep with the cardiovascular exercise and strength training, but aim to extend your cardiovascular exercise to 45 minutes and up the amount of reps on your strength training exercises. Continue to keep a log of your workout in order to remember what weights you used (if any), as well how many reps you were able to achieve.

By following this three week plan, you will kick start your body into action. After that you can decide to continue increasing your cardiovascular workout and strength exercises, or shake up your routine with different cardiovascular workouts. The great thing about this routine is that it can be achieved even from the comfort of your own home. All you need are some weights and home exercise equipment. There are many home exercise equipment options around such as folding treadmills and step machines. Make sure to do your research well before purchasing a machine as they can be quite a costly investment. Check out some online reviews, such as folding treadmill reviews and general home exercise equipment reviews available online. One popular brand of running machine is the horizon evolve sg treadmill and the EVOLVEPLUS treadmill, so keep an eye out on reviews for this one. All you need to do now is stick at your regime and enjoy the results of getting fitter, stronger and healthier.

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