Three Ways To Grow A Small Business

By: John Reed

While there are many voices on the issue of how to make a small business grow and just as many view points on what to do first, there is a common thread that runs through the center of all of the conversations. That common thread is advertising. So, the three ways are have to do with advertising. They are;

(1.) Advertise (2.) Advertise Smartly (3.) Take Advantage Of New Advertising Opportunities.

(1.) You have to advertise. I won't bore you with the same beaten down thoughts that most advertising articles seem to harp on. We all know that we should create a banner and place it on as many websites as we can. Truth be told, that is a very vague approach to something that has grown to be known as a technique driven operation.

For a bit of clarity, advertising works best when used as a finesse tool. Get your products into the consumers head without them feeling that that is what you are trying to do. Make them feel that knowing about your product is a good thing. More on this later.

(2.) Lets get something out of the way right now. This may come as a shock to a great number of you but there is a truth that will set you free to market like a champ, if you will only accept it. Are you ready? You had better sit down. OK, here goes.

The powerful truth is those customers that are just surfing all over the internet don't give a fat rats butt about you are your product. They are only interested in one thing. What are the ways that they can solve a problem or fulfill a need they have.

Your mission is not to tell them that you have a great product or even how great your product is. It is to inform them that they have a problem or need and that your product can solve it.

Understand this and allow your mind to envelope it because if you do, you've got it. OK, Lets play this out. If one day a man walks up to you out of the blue and says Hey, I have two spare tires in the trunk of my car. That statement coming at you just out of the blue, usually commands the need for the answer So what? to be given.

O.K., imagine the difference in reception if the man says, Hey, I see that you already have a temporary emergency tire on your car but it is flat too. I have two spare tires in the trunk of my car. The person that says this has looked at the car and noticed that an emergency tire is being used but it is flat. They assessed the situation and came to the conclusion that the person must not have a backup tire. The item being pitched appears to fulfill a need. Bam! An interaction has started with the person in need.

Much like that analogy, If you just come out of he blue with a declaration about your products existence, you are only impressing yourself. Your solution is like a spare tire, it means nothing without a need to use it.. In fact, when was the last time you thought about your vehicles spare tire?

(3.) You have to be ready to exploit the latest and greatest advertising and marketing techniques when they are first emerging. If you wait for everyone else to prove to you that a marketing strategy works great, you will always be one step behind. One of the greatest plays from the advertising guide book is to pounce on new marketing techniques as soon as they emerge.

Remember, I said that there would be more about getting your product into the consumers head without them feeling like that is what you are trying to do? Well, here goes.

One new way of advertising is called Error Marketing. Simply stated, error marketing is placing a small bounty or cash reward for any errors that can be found on your website. TypoBounty dot com is the website that provides all of the necessary features to make this happen. When you advertise on TypoBounty dot com you clean up your website as well as gain large numbers of visitors for a fraction of the cost of other marketing campaigns. When you use error marketing, potential customers slow down and read all of your content. Thus, they catch the full impact of your sales pitch. This gives you the best opportunity to sell your products without annoying the people that you are marketing your products to.

Remember, if it is true advertising that you want, you need to be smart about your advertising presentation and your choices of advertising venues. The answer to getting the responses you seek is not to throw money at the problem. It is not just to advertise, but also to advertise smartly and take advantage of emerging marketing techniques early in the game.

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The author, John Reed, has 15 years business marketing experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple advertising strategies. You can read more about avoiding the money trap of marketing at

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