Three Things to Consider When Entering the Field of Nursing


When you make the decision to become a nurse, you're joining a profession with a long history of selflessness. Caring for others in their darkest times is something that is both rewarding and challenging. To best prepare yourself for your role as a nurse, you might want to consider these three things before you get started.

Testing your desire to be a nurse

If you're interested in becoming a nurse, but you're not quite sure if it's the right decision for you, you may want to try volunteering with other medical professionals first. Go to your local hospital or nursing homes to see if they need volunteers to help care for the patients and residents.

You can also try getting your certification as a home health aide or a medical assistant first to see if you are still interested in taking your career into nursing. These positions will help you interact with patients and allow you to get a taste of what your new life will be like.

Try talking to other nurses that you know to see what they have to say about the field they're in and what they might have done differently when they began.

The education part of being a nurse

Unlike medical assistants and other medical professional jobs, becoming a nurse takes several years of schooling in order to pass the boards exam. To become a Registered Nurse, this will require up to four years of undergraduate education. There are advanced and rapid degree programs that you can consider, so if you want to get through the program quickly, that may be an option for you.

The schooling is difficult, but it will provide all of the preparation you need in order to care for patients in a knowledgeable and compassionate way. You will be able to find programs at your local university or college, as well as, through some online programs and local medical schools. Try to talk to various programs in order to find one that works for you and for your schedule.

With the current nursing shortage, it's reasonable to say that many programs will try their best to work with your current life’s schedule so that you can finish in a timely manner, as well as, still manage your other responsibilities.

The career options of a nurse

Another thing to consider when you are entering the field of nursing is the array of possibilities the profession will offer you. You will not need to work in a doctor's office or on a hospital floor for your entire career. With a nursing degree, you can advance quickly in other areas of the medical industry. You might want to become a part of the public health sector or perhaps work with the underprivileged in your area. Other trained nurses end up going into the financial area of the hospital to help with coding issues and insurance claims.

If you are interested in managing people, you may be able to rise quickly in the ranks of nursing supervisors and managers. Nursing graduates are often picked as leaders in their departments because of their additional training.

Nursing is something that requires a total commitment to the patient and to being the best nurse you can. But that doesn't mean that it's not rewarding at the same time. Before you begin, you will want to try volunteering first and then work hard through school, realizing that you might be able to take your degree farther in the future.

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