Three Creative Professions Children Can Pursue Right Now

By: Moby Bond

The world of professions has changed a lot today. There are several newer, more exciting professions today that are not just about people making a living, but about professional as well as personal satisfaction for the person pursuing the career and job. Previously, there were few avenues for the creative person, and the most they could ever be was either a journalist or a cartoonist. However, there are more creative professions than ever, and they are increasing as every day passes. Here are four creative professions that are becoming quite popular today.

Avenues in different kinds of photography have opened up for people. Whether it is fashion photography, journalistic photography or even amateur photography, the scope has increased manifold with the Internet and social media opening up newer avenues for all businesspersons including those providing creative services. Fashion photography is the most difficult of these, because the photographer should have an enhanced aesthetic sense and create images that would take the world by storm. Journalistic photography, on the other hand, is all about depicting facts, and some might even find the day of a journalistic photographer quite mundane.

However, contrary to popular conception, photography is not just about buying a camera and clicking. Photography is an art that one perfects only after learning the proper technique. Those off the cuff photos that we see are one in a million, and definitely not enough to make a living however famous that one image is. In addition, if trying to having a go on your own, photography is an expensive hobby, as you would need to buy the camera, the accessories like the lens, an enhanced memory card, a tripod, lights, etc.

Digital painting is fast gaining precedence as a creative profession too. Right from digital artwork using computer programs to creating 3D work for movies, people in the profession are raking in the moolah like never before, what with animated and other CGI heavy movies releasing almost every month. Generally, individuals who become digital artists normally have some kind of offline painting and artwork experience, and they naturally take to digital artistry.

Fashion designing is no longer the purview of only the fast and the high heeled, and someone with a Godfather or Godmother. Several colleges offer fashion designing courses, and some of them even offer guaranteed jobs, opening this avenue to the common person too. Of course, one needs to have a knack to create sunning outfits, and even have the sense of deciding which type of attire would look good on what kind of body.

These are the three most famous, and growing creative professions. Several colleges and institutions offer degrees in these streams. However, it would be easier for people who train themselves in these streams right from the beginning.

Creative professions were not that famous earlier, because people used to get into such a profession without knowing whether they had the required skills for the profession. Today, people are exposed to creative activities since childhood, so the parents know which creative task they are good at, and therefore set up a profession for them.

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