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Karen Guo, AMD Greater China president, will be leaving at the end.Although this message is not new, but Karen Guo itself is news. She broke to lead AMD Intel has entrenched impregnable, and so Intel has changed the Greater China market structure.

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AMD led the fight for 8 years in the Chinese market, when Intel finally AMD is no longer the face of "normal" when suddenly withdraw Karen Guo leave.

Not long ago, AMD official news show, AMD Greater China Karen Guo, president of the official end of the year left. As Karen Guo, AMD during the inauguration of the road contributed to the rise of China and rapid growth for the AMD and Intel rival to the extent you can contribute significantly. Thus, leaving the message has been issued, prompting a heated debate in the industry. Moreover, Karen Guo's departure, only in be CEO "highly positive" two months later.

"Karen Guo, the timing of the departure from a professional perspective, somewhat difficult to understand," Yu told reporters industry experts analyzed Liu Road, "from Karen Guo as the development of AMD in recent years to see the achievements made, the first can be ruled out due to capacity caused by inadequate separation factor. In accordance with AMD's current development position, if not more serious work in the background of events, leaving not a good choice to promote Guo. And Guo have all levels of government and corporate public relations in the network of advantages, AMD just to provide arena to display their fists. "

It is understood that AMD Guo before entering, had "served as president of Motorola China Research Institute of China, Laboratory Director and digital gene, solely responsible for Motorola's research and development in China." AMD inside "Moto line" presence is an open secret. Hence the factional disputes, said.

"However, the departure Karen Guo, there may be more deep-seated causes, such as factional fighting speculation that the reasons for suffering, in fact, only superficial," Recently, a number of industry experts close to AMD told reporters that a similar view, "the most fundamental Perhaps the reason why is AMD's line within the top decision-making dispute. "

To press time of this writing, the latest news that "Nokia's global vice president of Nokia Tang, from left, ready to take over Karen Guo." However, AMD-related charge, said in an interview, "no comment", adding that the new successor will be announced around a week later.

Because of the recent AMD in the mobile Internet market, unsatisfactory performance, making the industry its future market share surged once again are not good. And Karen Guo, AMD has led the PC market by leaps and bounds in China, will be Intel's market share of AMD and the impact to the highest point in the history of 4:6 (AMD and Intel in the global market share, the average proportion of 2:8), and AMD China operation as the world's largest single market in the glory years, has ceased to exist.

The "most knowledgeable" Karen Guo, leaving behind the "metaphor" of people, perhaps, non-Yang, General Manager of Intel China is none other than Syria.

There is no doubt that Intel made to "upgrade the China market," a major decision, it is Karen Guo.

Karen Guo, AMD announced the departure, the number of people in the industry told reporters that if the reason turned out as a result of the trade speculation "line differences" caused AMD's China strategy so woeful. AMD Public Relations, who call this reporter, the relevant responsible person said that the current inconvenience to disclose any information.

Karen Guo, the departure is true that some "sudden." Not long ago, that mid-October of this year, AMD chairman of the board Kefu Lin (BruceClaflin) visit to China, have been highly positive for the AMD Karen Guo contribution in the China market, "If I asked her to do even better, is unreasonable, because she has done very well, "and that" the future China will also be taking on more decision-making tasks.

Moreover, the industry generally believes that at this time to leave Karen Guo, AMD, regardless of their own or for AMD, not the best choice. On the one hand, AMD is good at Karen Guo, the work content and the available network of relationships to provide adequate play space, on the other hand, AMD before and after the development of urgently needed Zuni Guo resources have these advantages.

You never know. Year, Intel seeing the "normal" quickly eats its market share, once panic. But this time Intel, may be going chuckle.

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