Thirsty For Profits? Invest in a Water Vending Machine

By: Mark Sierra

Today's customers are very concerned about the water they drink being free of chemicals and the usage of commercial water chemical filtration methods. This has given quite a boost to the business of water vending machines making it the one of the most profitable niches of the vending industry.

Currently, there are three types of water vending machines available on the market that address the concern of water purity. The first type is the free-standing floor model which can be positioned indoors or outdoors. The second is a machine where the treatment component is located at a remote location such as a storeroom while the dispensing unit can be placed indoors as a countertop or free-standing unit in the store. And finally, the third type is a countertop unit which is usually placed with machines that dispense soft drinks, coffee, etc. These units are usually found in fast-food restaurants.

There are units that dispense water in cups or bottles. And there are units that allow customers to fill containers that are offered on the premises. The latter type is the most popular since it requires minimum manpower and operates on a very high profit margin of almost 95 percent. According to regulation, most water vending machines will use one or more types of water purification systems such as pre-filtration, reverse osmosis, disinfection and activated carbon filtration.

A very popular machine is the Ecos Water Station. This machine boasts itself as the only high capacity commercial scale water vending machine in the world that dispenses chilled water. Investing in something like this may be a bit intimidating to one's budget, but a loan can be applied for through the Federal Government Small Business program to help defray startup investments. The program gives all the necessary expertise, a business plan and checklist to help you receive the loan. They also offer a complete service and maintenance contract in return for 20 percent of the revenue generated by the machines. Ordinarily, one unit would cost approximately $11,600. The recommended price per gallon is 50 cents. Under the program you will purchase 10 units at a cost of $131,080. Since the loan will amount to 85 percent of the machinery cost, your down payment will only be $19,662.

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