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General advertising and promotion Multiple streams of Traffic PART II

There are a variety of ways that you can advertise and promote
your site or products. In this, Part II of the mini series
on Multiple streams of traffic, I'd like to take a look at a
couple of the more commonly known methods of online promotion.
Some are much better than others, and some are more suitable
than others. Our goal then is to look a little more closely at
them to determine if they are suitable for your needs. Read on
for more

Banner ads

Using banner advertising and displaying banner ads on your site
has changed a lot in the last 2 years. The cost and value benefit of banner advertising has dropped significantly. I
won t talk about them too much other than to say that their main
use is now principally as 'branding tools. A way to get your
name product site in the front of people s faces quickly. For
the average person, it is nearly impossible to get the kind of
reach required to really get much benefit from banners. That
being said, if you can get good exposure in a niche that fits
your market, go for it, it won't hurt.

On the other side of things, displaying banners on your site as
a source of revenue is only worthwhile if you are getting
thousands upon thousands of hits month. The average CPM is now
only about 2.00 that means you earn 2.00 for every 1000
banners displayed . Considering that when you display a banner
on your site you are promoting a product or site that is not
your own, you are giving visitors an exit that does not generate
income for you. It isn t any wonder that the top online
marketers Cory Rudl, Jimmy D. Brown,
Ken Evoy
etc. don't display ANY ads (banners or anything) from any
other site.

I am not knocking banners here. They serve a purpose. You just
need to be sure that they suit your purposes. I have found
that the FastClick Ad Network
provides very good service for all your banner advertising needs.

FFA s and traffic swaps

Let me be very blunt about FFA s. They are a waste of time for
anyone except the person who owns it. No matter what the claims
may be, they will not produce traffic. Traffic swaps and exit
exchanges have to potential to produce reasonably large amounts
of traffic, however the problem is that for the most part it is
untargeted. Most traffic swaps are based on a system of credits,
where your site gets a visitor in exchange for displaying the
traffic swap link on your site, or visiting a member site
yourself. The real problem is that much of the traffic is simply
other webmasters trying to boost their own credits. They are not
interested in visiting your site except to get the credit. I'm
sure you can see the problems with that. In a way, you can think
of traffic swaps as an online equivalent of a highway detour.
Lots of traffic gets re directed your way, but it doesn't really
want to be there. If you are interested in learning more about
traffic swaps, you can go
to take a look at a popular one.

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