Thinking About Getting Contact Lenses? Wha You Need To Know First

By: Emanuele Allenti

If you are considering getting contact lenses for the first time then there are a few points to consider before deciding which sort are best for you. But even before this you should know all the facts to enable you to decide whether contact lenses are really what you want and whether they are suitable for you. Some people are just not suited to contact lenses and find them irritating, annoying or just too difficult to wear. Having said that if you do carry on and get used to them you may well find they are much more practical and comfortable than you had imagined.

For these and many other reasons the first step when you are thinking of investing in contact lenses is to see your optometrist. Contact lenses should only be bought with a prescription. If you buy cheap lenses without a prescription then you may well be buying something that will not be the appropriate contact lenses for your eyes. Any reputable dealer whether online or not should only sell you contact lenses after you have been to a registered practitioner and been given a prescription.

There are many different types of contact lenses available but the two main types are: soft gas permeable or rigid gas permeable. Soft contact lenses are more malleable and for some people easier and more comfortable to wear but can work out more expensive as they often need to be replaced more frequently. This can be anything from one day to one year. Contact lenses generally referred to as rigid gas permeable lenses are preferred by some not only as a cheaper option but also some wearers believe the quality of vision provided is better.

There are also contact lenses that you wear constantly for up to 30 days without removing them. These are a very convenient option if you dislike the daily hassle of putting in your contact lenses, or even if you would just like to have the option to sleep in your lenses when it suits you.

As well as the general contact lenses there are more specialist lenses such as bi focal. These help you with your vision if you have difficulty with both things close to you and also with far away objects. They take a little more getting used to than more conventional contact lenses, but are worth persevering with. When you are used to them you will wonder how you ever did without them.

Lenses for astigmatism are now widely available and many specialist lenses, colors, or contact lenses with designs on them are also obtainable for people with astigmatism. The total cost may be slightly higher but this should not be too expensive.

There are also contact lenses available purely for aesthetic effects such as changing the color of the eyes, for example from brown to blue. You can even use contact lenses to create a dazzling array of effects for the eye. As well as every color you could think of there are patterns such as tiger eyes, hypnotic spiral patterns, flames, cats eyes, contact lenses that make your eyes look completely white and even contact lenses with the logo of your favorite football team on them. Despite the fun aspects of these types of contact lenses it should always be remembered that they are still the same as more usual types of contact lenses and should be looked after and used just as carefully.

There are now contact lenses available that will help you to see better when you are not even wearing them. Although this all sounds a little science fiction there is very good science behind it. You wear the lenses when you go to sleep and they change the shape of the eye as you sleep. The effect is much the same as having laser treatment but without the lasers. The main drawback is that it is not long lasting and the contact lenses need to be worn frequently as the effects only last for about 24 hours. They can however produce extremely good results.

Whatever type of contact lenses you are looking for remember that you should only buy after seeing an optometrist. Then you will be sure that you are getting the right lenses for your particular needs.

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