Think British This Year For Your Summer Holiday

By: Potter

The British are a hard-working crowd putting in long hours and often many commuting long distances making the working day and week even longer. It’s not surprising then how much we all look forward to a summer holiday and the opportunity to get away from it all for a short while.

Yet 2008 has seen a number of unpleasant changes to the economy that are having an impact on everyone’s cash flow. UK households are having to cope with increasing costs of not one, but many, essentials. Food bills are on the increase, gas and electricity bills keep rising and petrol costs seem to be spiralling out of control.

To keep up with the cost of living many will be tightening the purse strings with treats and non-essentials being cut out to ensure there’s enough money to pay for the week’s groceries. As such the much looked-forward to overseas holiday may also be under threat.

Since the arrival of cheap overseas package holidays the promise of two weeks of guaranteed sunshine has been tempting Brits to pack their summer clothes and hop on a flight. Yet in 2008 these holidays may not been quite as good value as the glossy brochure promises. Those who booked early are being charged extra by trusted travel agents to cover the costs put upon them from other parties and the Euro exchange rate is making things worse.

Add to this the flights and you have another headache altogether. On top of the environmental impact of flying, massive fuel surcharges are being added on what seems like an almost daily basis making long haul flights to destinations such as the USA a very doubtful option.

Yet a fantastic summer holiday doesn’t need to be in Spain or Florida. The UK holiday market is alive and well, with a fantastic range of options for couples, families and groups who will enjoy a great summer break without the chore of flights.

There are many fantastic and surprising destinations in small but hugely varied ‘Great’ Britain and in this uncertain climate the British public should perhaps make the best of what is essentially on their doorstep. The UK has woken up to the diversity of scenery, its rich history, traditional food and new standards of accommodation.

From the stunning scenery of the Lake District and rolling hills of Kent - the undisputed Garden of England to the buzzing holiday resorts of Blackpool and Great Yarmouth, there is truly a destination for everyone. Tourism businesses have worked hard to create the right product for their customers and a summer holiday in the UK now has a positive association, particularly with holidaymakers getting a feel good factor thrown in for free – no flights means a lower carbon footprint.

For families a summer holiday at one of the UK’s modern holiday parks is a terrific option. The old reputation of ‘Glamorous Granny’ and ‘Knobbly Knees’ competitions are long gone and instead replaced by high-quality entertainment, varied facilities for daytime activities and wide ranging accommodation choices. A great example of a modern holiday park is Potters Leisure Resort on the Norfolk coast.

A traditional holiday park, they have adapted their holidays to cater for a new breed of holidaymaker. They offer many summer break packages, with children specifically in mind while the beaches are a just a short distance away along with many other attractions and places to visit such as Norwich and the Norfolk Broads.

So despite all of the challenges of the current economic climate, a summer holiday is still possible if you put aside your preconceptions and embrace the idea of holidaying in the UK. To find out more about holidaying at Potters Leisure Resort visit our website.

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Potters Leisure Resort on the Norfolk and Suffolk coast offers a superb range of UK Breaks, adapting the holidays to cater for all groups and ages. For more information about Potters Leisure Resort, visit at

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