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There are two different types of contact lenses coloured. There are lenses which are used for vision correction and hence worn by those with myopia or hyperopia. At the same time, you can also go for plane colour contact lenses which are worn just to enhance or change the eye colour. Whether you are wearing colour contacts through prescription or for cosmetic purposes, it is imperative to consult a specialist who will prescribe the right kind of lenses to suit your eye. The FreshLook Colorbends, for example are available in several different and attractive colours such as blue, green brown, turquoise, pure hazel, amethyst and sapphire. You can make use of a colour chart to pick the lenses that attract your fascination the most.

There is expertise available when it comes to choosing the right contact lenses. Coloured lenses have their own pros and cons, which is why it is important to understand how they might affect your vision or sight. You can shop for FreshLook Colorblends from Ciba Vision and get attractive discounts online. Whether you are going for low cost contact lenses or high cost ones, it is important to consult a specialist as there are many factors involved. While some prefer clear lenses, some take the opportunity to either enhance the colour of their eyes or to take on a new colour altogether. One must be particularly careful when taking on a new eye colour. Opaque lenses as opposed to enhancers can have certain disadvantages that may affect vision.

When you choose to use FreshLook Colorbends, you can pick and choose the shade that suits your taste and personality. For example, there are coloured contact lenses for light eyes as well as for dark eyes. Moreover, you can choose between subtle shades as well as dark, opaque colours. There are contact lenses coloured that are available in vivid shades that produce a really stunning and dramatic effect. So, you can either enhance the natural colour of your eyes or change the eye colour completely with opaque tints. Bright lenses suit those with darker skin while lighter shades are ideal for those with fairer skin.

Specialists offering FreshLook Colorbends can provide lenses of different sizes. Some people go for visibility tints in light blue or light green that add a charming look to the eyes, without overdoing it. You can also pick lenses based on use. Those who wear them often can go for daily wear and disposable lenses. Some pick lenses only for special occasions. Contact lenses coloured can even be picked with designs on them that are ideal for themed parties. The comfort level varies from one contact lens to another as well. This is something that needs close attention as not all lenses allow the same passage of oxygen. A specialist can prescribe lenses that suit the eyes and ensure day long comfort, especially for people with a very busy lifestyle. Cost too can become a huge factor while comparing different coloured lenses.

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