Things to consider before opening a merchant account

By: Richard Cooper

A merchant feels that he must have a merchant account because he finds that at least some of his customers prefer to pay using their credit cards. So, get a merchant service he should, but its provisions should be commensurate with his requirements and business turnover. This means, first of all, that the monthly income he is likely to have via credit cards should work out to something solid even after deducting what he will have to pay for the merchant service every month. He will also have to make a onetime investment on a credit card machine. Even this investment should be something that he is able to pay off easily, either in installments or at one go.

Credit card machines come in various sizes and different functionalities and may be wired, stationary ones, or wireless, portable ones. Merchant service charges are generally higher when one is using a portable credit card machine. So unless a portable one is absolutely necessary, it is better not to go in for it at least in the early stages. With regard to selecting the merchant service, it would be absolutely necessary to spend a few days or even several days doing research on the company with whom you would want to open the merchant account. Every service bills its customers under various heads and meticulous and painstaking comparison of these charges is necessary to decide which one would turn out to be profitable in the long run. Several Internet sites provide merchant account comparison charts to help merchants in selection.

Some services for which a merchant service would bill its customers are fixed while other costs will be variable. These variable costs could vary a lot based on the volume of the business, future prospects of the business, and the possible duration of retaining the account with the company. Towards that end, the merchant will have to do some analysis of the future prospects of his own business to decide the suitability of opening a merchant account with a given company.

For example, monthly minimum charges are the minimum a merchant will have to pay his merchant service providers to maintain his merchant account. A high monthly minimum rate will not be a problem for those who send lots of credit cards for processing with the service. Their transaction charges and discount payments will generally be more than the monthly minimum charged by the merchant service provider. But such a stipulation will work against the interests of a merchant who would be sending only a few cards for processing.

The merchant should make thorough enquiries about the technical support and customer service provided by the merchant service. If these were not there round the clock, the merchant account would be a fiasco even if the package on the whole works out cheap. The only way this can be done is by enquiring about the given company's services to other merchants who have an account with them. By multi-pronged researches you will be eventually able to select a merchant service that will suit your requirements best.

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