Things to Remember When Throwing a Kiddie Party

By: Richard Curtain

Kiddie parties are just about everywhere, hosted by parents, uncles and aunts, grandparents, big brothers and sisters, or a family friend for a special little girl or boy. It may be Christmas time or Halloween and you want a separate party for the little ones. If your family's little angel is celebrating a birthday, won a competition in school or made it to the top of the class, you are only too happy to throw a party for him and her to celebrate.

As a mom or dad who is hosting a party for your beloved son or daughter. You may be in for a lot of tasks. Your parental instincts and party planning skills come into play. You want everything organized to perfection so that your child, the guests and everyone in the event will have fun. To not be too overwhelmed and exhausted by the preparations, sit, breathe and take time to evaluate some of the things you may need to focus on as you piece together the essentials of a perfect kiddie party.

Big kiddie parties often give guests a great impression, but it pays to scale it down to fit age and theme. As you take each step, remember why you are throwing the event, why you are celebrating and whom you are doing it for. It can be too easy to decide on a huge party and invite just about anyone in the neighborhood or the school, but know when to put the brakes on your plans. Remember to make it age appropriate. Many parents make the mistake of organizing a kiddie party for their own enjoyment, and not for the child.

It's not uncommon for a party organizer to aim to outdo last year's event. You may want a fancier cake, more impressive party favors or more expensive decors. Go for it if you have the money to splurge, but if you are like most parents who can use some practical money-saving advice, stick to your budget. Your child does not need all the lavish things, and overspending does not guarantee an awesome kiddie party. Moreover, who wants to end up in knee-deep in debt after an extravagant celebration? You and your family definitely do not deserve all the stress associated with financial issues.

Your darling daughter or precious son may want countless big balloons and that 1,000 dollar toy as a gift. As a parent who knows that the most precious things need not be expensive, you need to sit down with your little pumpkin and lovingly explain how the party will go and what the limitations are. Yes, your little one is smart enough to understand why the party needs not be huge to be special. Think outside the box and let your child contribute to the fun as well, so that the party turns out to be a memorable day for everyone present. Make it full of surprises, laughter and fun. Keep it real and simple yet special for him or her. After all, it is for your child who deserves all the love from family and friends.

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