Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring an In-House Care

By: Joseph B Moore

For a mother there cannot be anything more precious than her kid. And yet, soon after birth a new mother finds herself looking at childcare options. For her it means handing over her bundle of joy to someone else, in most cases an absolute stranger. Hence it is natural to be paranoid, at least at the onset of this new adjustment. It is necessary that the mother is mentally prepared for it.

Being the mother, you must remember that you can never be displaced in your kid's life. However being only a kid, he or she will go gaga over anyone who showers attention. That doesn't mean you are getting replaced in his mind. When your kid spends most of his time with someone else and in your absence, it is natural that he gets attached to that person. There can be a case when the kid innocently ends up calling the nanny "mommy", in such situation the nanny should make sure that she corrects the kid. To avoid this, you can take steps like staying connected to your kid on the phone.

By hiring an in-house care, you are entrusting your kid and house to someone else in your absence. This makes honesty and trust two very important pillars of this relationship. Whoever you entrust this responsibility to, make sure there is transparency about the arrangement. Leaving anything ambiguous will be uncomfortable for all involved. Basics like the timings, vacations, pay, sick leaves, etc. need to be discussed. You must find out the in-house care's after work schedule so that you know in case of exceptional circumstances she can be asked to cover for you. Offer to pay for the time she stays beyond her usual time.

Basic also involve making clear what she is expected to do. List out her responsibilities and make it clear that she is expected to do them efficiently. As the employer, you need to make sure you don't give her a task that is beyond her duties. Also give her some decision-making power. List out what she can take a call on and respect her decisions. Set boundaries and let her function freely in those boundaries. Also clarify that in case of matters beyond her prerogative, she is supposed to get in touch with you. If you intend to install a nanny cam, tell her about it while the initial discussion. Instead of a nanny cam, you can also keep a tab by paying a surprise visit during the time you are supposed to be gone.

As the employer it is necessary that you respect the employer and employee relationship you share with the hired care. Since an in-house care is with the family most of her time, she ends up becoming a fabric of the family. You don't want that to happen before you are one hundred percent sure that a strong a solid relationship has been built. Don't call your in-house care as your family unless you know you have a treasured employee. These are few things you need to keep in mind while hiring an in-house care to ensure you have a smooth functioning relationship and a happy and well cared for child.

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