Things to Consider in Choosing a Refrigerated Truck Body

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A refrigerated truck is designed to carry or transfer perishable goods at specific temperature. It is one of the main equipment needed so the flow of the cold supply chain will not be broken. This makes the perishable goods extend and ensure their shelf lives. Some of these products are blood, confectionaries, fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen foods, photographic films, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs.

One of the main integral parts of a refrigerated truck is the truck body or the refrigerated box. It contained the air coming out from the cooling system. It also prevents the heat to go enter inside the goods.

A good refrigerated truck body allows more cooling inside that maintains the goods freshness. So we must consider many things in choosing the right and perfect truck body for our needs.


The difference between an ordinary truck body and a refrigerated truck body is the insulation. Ordinary truck body doesn’t have insulation. This insulation helps prevent the heat to enter the inside of the body. The thicker the insulation is, the lesser the heat can enter.

One more thing about insulation is that, it should have low water absorption. EPS or the Extruded Polystyrene is the best insulating material for refrigerated truck body compared to the polyurethane. It has high heat-insulating properties, low-water absorption, light weight and have longer life.

Truck Body Material

Many supplier of truck body used aluminum as their main material. It is lightweight and cheap. But we must also consider its life. Aluminum trucks may be cheap but it will only last a certain year. We must choose a truck body that can last even a lifetime like a fiberglass. Fiberglass gives a clean and seamless appearance that is less vulnerable to leaks and is easy to service and repair.

Door Gaskets

Choose a refrigerated truck that have thick and does have many layer of door gaskets that makes heat transfer virtually impossible.

Truck Accessories

As a corporate food company, we must maintain the look of our products and even the equipments we are using. If we are using ordinary door accessories, it may rust. It may also lead to bacteria growth that may affect the products inside the truck. As much as possible, choose trucks with stainless steel door accessories because these are prone to rust.

Also, an individual clip-type plastic curtain makes it easier to use and faster to replace and service compare to ordinary curtains. LED lightning fixtures are used on both the interior and exterior for better visibility, efficiency, and 5x longer life than regular bulbs is must also be consider.

These are some of the many things we must put on mind on buying a refrigerated truck body.

Coolaire Consolidated, Inc. is the Philippines’ top supplier of refrigerated truck bodies, truck cooling system and refrigerated containers.

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Coolaire Consolidated, Inc. is the Philippines’ top supplier of refrigerated truck bodies, truck cooling system and refrigerated containers.

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