Things to Consider before You Choose an Eye Doctor

By: Emily Hernandez

Before choosing the eye doctor introduced by a family friend, you have to look at a many things to confirm better health for your eyes. Read onů

1. Know the kind of eye doctor he is and which one do you really need. Primarily, they have two kinds: optometrists and ophthalmologists. The first ones have medical training; however, they are not doctors. They are educated in the diagnosis and treatment of several diseases associated with the eyes but their expertise is on routine eye care and vision examination for the use of eyeglasses and contact lenses. The latter, on the other hand, are medical doctors who can give you complete care for your eyes. They carry out eye examinations, cure eye diseases and even do surgery.

2. If you feel you are in need of comprehensive eye checkup, you must see an ophthalmologist. But then again, before you make a choice from your list, you might want to check their experiences because this should matter a lot to you. You need to entrust the healthiness of your eyes to someone who knows several things and who have handled eye condition similar to yours. With this, you will feel more confident about his studies, as well as treatment strategies.

3. You should also find out if he accepts your insurance policy. Certainly, you do not want to visit an eye doctor that is not covered by your insurer or else, you will shoulder the payment.

4. Look into the track record of the eye specialist you find attractive. This should be easy as most things are accessible online. You can search for his website. Surely, he has profile published there. Study about his possible membership in organizations, schools he went to, hospitals where he is associated and others. You may also look for testimonials about him through online review sites, where clients or patients write feedbacks (whether negative or bad) about their particular doctors.

5. Your search for an eye doctor may not end on the day of your first appointment and after eye test. This is because you will probably find the need to look for another. Now, when do you assess if you need to change your eye specialist? If you have to wait for long hours before he can address you, you might think about having a a new one. What if you have emergency? You cannot afford to wait that long.

Furthermore, do you feel like he was rushing when he examined you? Did it seem to you that he never perform thorough test on your eyes? Look for somebody who will satisfy your need.

You see it is very important that you and your eye doctor are functioning harmoniously. In this way, you will feel more confident of his treatment plan. Additionally, you will tend to stick to all his instructions. You should also see the interest in his eyes as he treats you. In this case, you know he is after your healing.

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