Things to Check before Buying a Used Home

By: navjeet kaur

When one decides to buy a home, then buying a used home is not the first choice for many. But every time there comes a day where used home is found more beneficial then a new one. There are number of factors that one should consider before buying a used home. Here are some of the points:

Check if All the Fittings and Fixtures are in Good Shape
The fixtures are the first thing that one needs to check carefully in any used home. The kitchen, window and bathroom fixtures especially play an important role in person's day to day lives. Person should make sure that all the taps in bathrooms and kitchen are working properly. Make use of the flush in each and every toilet at least once in order to ensure usability. Same is the case with windows. One should check windows by opening and closing each and every for the purpose of making sure that they are functioning in a very good manner. Person should check electrical fittings in every room by switching on lights and fans. The wiring needs to be well maintained as well and the house is in need to have a good earthling system.

Don't Forget the Flooring
Flooring is another major aspect that can prove to be headache in the future if ignored. There are number of flooring types that are used in the home these days, ranging for Italian marble floors to be polished, hardwood floors. Examine the condition of the floor by doing certain test especially if it has been covered by carpet. There are number of ways to maintain marble floors, tiled floors and hardwood floors. Sometimes hardwood floors prove to be challenging in handling and maintenance when compared with other kinds. So, person should think about the maintenance of the floors before deciding on a used home.

Quality of the Paint Matters
Examining the condition of the wall paint is another important aspect to consider. The wall paint which seems to be alright while buying may peel and crack later on if the quality of the paint which is used is poor. One should not hesitate in asking twice to the seller about the paint and whether you will need to repaint the home anytime in the future. Painting is an investment which is made by the person in time, money and labor. A high quality coating paints starts with ingredients that allows paint to apply more easily, look better and last longer. Higher quality paints have more of the all important prime pigments which provide easier application, greater durability and better color retention.

Make Sure the Space is Adequate
When it comes to homes, too much space is just as bad as too little space. One should plan about the future and think about number of members in the family who will be living in the house. Is there adequate space for three people? What if someone's going to live with you in the future? Will the house be able to accommodate unexpected guests? It's good to have answers to such questions before hand.

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