Things You Should Know About Raised Bed Garden

By: Floren Neel

There is no such hard rules that gardens have to be at the ground level always. And nowadays with the incredible success of innovative raised gardening idea, raised bed garden has become one of the most sought after ways for the home gardener in creating their own small Eden.

Of course, it is your own garden, which you can actually fit in almost any place wherever you want. Doesn’t really matter if you are interested for a butterfly flower garden at your backyard or you want to create a small living terrace with tomatoes, berries and herbs, the fascinating concept of raised bed can now keep your growing needs covered.

Commonly a raised garden is typically made of wood however it can be also made of stones or with any other material that can be stacked and which can hold the soil in. The best part is it can also be constructed almost everywhere, wherever you may want to have a small green patch. The innovative concept of gardening on a raised platform has also been able to take away the troubles of horticulture and has made gardening rather easy, fun and also stress free.

Get it straight here; a contained and elevated garden area is rather easy and much convenient to work with than a traditional ground level garden. It is also pertinent to mention here that a raised platform with an attractive frame and filed with lush and green plants, colorful blossoms and fresh vegetables is a real visual treat to most of the landscapes.

The fact is also undeniable that elevated beds for gardening has been used for centuries because of the many advantages which they offer

Raised bed garden offers better soil condition: For the areas typically with clay or sandy soil, you can still grow a varied range of plants with raised beds. As this type of gardening offers you the flexibility to amend the soil condition, you don’t have to actually worry for solving the existing soil problems.

It offers extended growing season: Because an elevated bed warms up rather sooner during spring time and stay warmer till late part of the fall season than the traditional ground level garden and this allows an early spring plantation as well as extended plantation between the rainy seasons. It also offers better yields for ornamental plantings. Elevated garden offers belter drainage: Crafting your own flower garden on an elevated platform or growing crops and herbs, vegetables and salads on a raised platform is definitely a much better choice if by chance your yard has heavy or poorly drained soil.

Raised flower garden is also easier to maintain: with a raised bed the daunting gardening process has become hassle free and easy. You no more have to stoop that low for watering, weeding or for other gardening chores.

Quick tips

•It is recommended to make your raised bed with tailored soil-and-compost blend.

•Any quality raised bed will come with ‘in built drainage’, built into the bed walls. This further helps in keeping the soil in place and keeps soil erosion at bay.
•Orient your bed north-south for getting a staggering amount of sun exposure.

•If you have a sandy yard it is recommended to mix soil with loam and cow manure and then mount it with some well drained nutrient rich soil

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Floren Neel is associated with some flower garden and garden house material suppliers for a long time. Hence, with time he learned how to make good raised bed garden, portable greenhouses, roof top garden and other outdoor innovations easily.

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