Things You Should Know About Prepaid Camera Cell Phones

By: David J Scott

You can't leave your house today, regardless of your destination, without encountering someone, somewhere, talking on a camera cell phone. The busy lifestyles of both parents and children, as well as business people, demand instant communication, and the status of the camera cell phone has moved from desirable luxury to near-necessity. Over a billion camera cell phones will be shipped in 2008; that's almost one for every six human being on planet Earth. Many of them will be using prepaid camera cell phones.

If you intend to become one of those one billion camera cell phone users in the next year, you'll have to familiarize yourself with the wireless companies which offer camera cell phone service. You'll also have to choose between agreeing an annual, or multi-year, phone plan for which you pay by the month, and buying one of the prepaid camera cell phones which does not demand a long-term commitment. Your decision whether or not to get a prepaid camera cell phone will depend on your personal circumstances.

Prepaid camera cell phones are the more prevalent. They usually come with a starter kit and can be bought from wireless phone distributors. You will also find these being sold at wholesale clubs like Wal-Mart and Target, and by small retailers like the ones found in malls or flea markets.

The nice thing about these starter kits is the fact that you don't need to wait long to have your unit activated. The whole set allows you to use your phone immediately. Aside from the handset and battery charger, it can also include spare batteries, a battery charger for cars, and a protective phone case. Some may even include other implements such as a hands-free headset. A major plus with these sets are the free airtime credits.

Before you can use your new phone, you will have to call a toll-free number to have it activated. You will have to also indicate from which area you will be making calls. A phone number for your unit will then be assigned based on which area you have specified. In this respect, make sure that the place you have applied for is where you will be using your phone regularly.

Any calls you make on your prepaid camera cell phone from outside this area will be subject to "roaming charges" and will significantly increase the cost of using your phone and use up you prepaid minutes in a hurry. Once your prepaid camera cell phone is activated, which usually takes one or two days unless you have it done instantly at a wireless provider store, you'll be responsible for keeping track of how many minutes you have remaining on it.

You will be aware of how much credit you have left which is displayed on the screen of your phone. You can purchase more minutes through your carrier's website or by buying a prepaid phone card. There are instructions on the latter on how to load up more credits on your phone. Take note that some of these have expiration dates depending on the prepaid amount of you purchased.

If it's your first time to buy a cell phone and you are not sure of how much you're going to use it, then a prepaid camera cell phone is more suitable for you than applying immediately for a lengthy plan. You might find that the monthly payments you are billed are more than your actual use. However, if you have started with a prepaid kit and think that it would be cheaper to have a fixed payment plan, then you can just apply for a monthly scheme after using up your remaining credits.

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