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Possibly the best tourist destination in the Western Hemisphere Costa Rica does not get the respect that it deserves. Probably because this destination does not have the big money casinos and resorts. It appeals more to lovers of natural beauty. If you love to spend time outdoors, or are the adventurous type, and not a member of the resort hotel, golfing,shopping crowd, then Costa Rica will be the discovery of a lifetime for you.

Costa Rica is Rich in Natural Beauty
Where else can you find isolated beaches, forests teeming with howler monkeys, birds, and beautiful butterflies, some as large as your hand. It also has some of the most beautiful, warm, whitewater river adventures in the world. All this sitting under spectacular volcanic mountains, some of which are still active. It is an incredible choice for a vacation trip.

Costa Rica is Really Rugged
Costa Rica is a rugged land. Much of it is mountains, forest, and hills. It takes about twice as long to get anywhere as you expect looking at the distances involved. The roads have been carved out of rugged hillsides, many are not paved, and the rainy season can beat them up.

Avoid the Rainy Season if you Like the Mountains
On the Caribbean slope the rainy season begins in April and continues through December. An average rainy season day wills begin clear then it clouds up and rains. In contrast, the driest months of February and March, days are almost entirely without rainfall.
On the Pacific slope the rainy season begins in May and runs until November. Again, days begin sunny and pleasant, with rains coming later in the day. In the northern half of the country, the Pacific slope experiences an more intense dry season, in which no rain may fall for several months.

If you want to plan a visit during the rainy season, no problem. The rain is usually a welcome break in an easygoing day. Just be careful when planning trips in the mountains and river rafting. Heavy rains can change close roads and make rivers rise.

Tours and Guides are a Great Way to See Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a relaxed tropical paradise with a relaxed and efficient way of life. The Tico is prefer living in small villages and towns. Their country is really quite small, about the size of West Virginia. So they really don't need road sign and mileage markers. Great for them, bad for first time visitors from the US who are used to Freeway exist signs. If you get a guide for most excursions around the country, you won’t have to develop the sixth sense the Tico's use to pick the correct road.

Costa Rican's are a Great Hosts
Tico's are well educated, religious, family oriented, and strongly influenced by Europe and the United States. The US expate invasion from the US started in earnest in the early 90 is, so Costa Rican's are now pretty tolerant of our strengths and our weaknesses. However, be fairly warned; just because an unfolding situation doesn’t upset a Tico, doesn't mean that you personally may not have a problem. On a couple of occasions I was in deep s but the locals responded with smiles and patient advice. I think visitors need to take our problems seriously and act on them sooner than most Tico's would.

Costa Rica will constantly amaze you with the beauty and diversity of its wildlife, plants, and rugged terrain. I dare you to take a Costa Rica Vacation then try not to go back again, and again.

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