These Five Tips Can Perfect Your Putt

By: Zion Keith

When trying to improve their golf game, too many people focus on their swing alone. It's teeing off that is the most dramatic and exciting part of golf and everyone wants to be able to send their little white ball sailing through the air.

Still, while the swing might be the most showy part of your game, it's the putt that seals the deal and that any people could use the most work on. Missing the hole just a couple of times initially as any golfer knows can quickly cause you to throw an entire game as you start chasing the ball around and getting more and more flustered. But help is at hand - by employing the right techniques and by keeping calm you can get the situation under control and greatly improve your focus, precision and confidence. Here are four tips that will 'putt' you on the path to perfection...

Don't Rush

Putting is an incredibly psychological matter and something that many of us will throw simply due to nerves. As you miss and get flustered, or when you line up for a very important shot, adrenaline will start pumping and you'll want to rush and find it hard to focus.

Instead then, make a conscious effort to take your time. Run through a mental checklist of every detail of your technique (from your stance to your grip), take some practice swings, and generally slow everything down.

Empty Your Mind

Another thing to do in regards to your mental game is to make an effort to clear your mind. Look at the ball to line up, then look at the hole when aiming - think of nothing else and push any other thoughts that creep up to the back of your mind for dealing with later.


Visualization can help in many areas of golf and sports in general. When it comes to putting something that can be useful is to imagine a laser coming out of your club, through the ball and directly to where you want it. This mental trick can help you line your shot up more while at the same time steadying your hand and improving your confidence.

Use the Lines

Your putter should have a few lines across the front which you can use to your aid. Make sure when you hit the ball that it is at a right angle 90 degrees to those lines on the front. This way you will be hitting it with the club facing straight meaning it will be much more likely to travel straight as well.

Straighten Up

Believe it or not, the slightest discrepancy in your body positioning can throw out an entire shot, so it's crucial that you work to keep your whole body as straight as possible. This means making sure both feet are point forward, that your arms are completely straight, that your body is facing completely forward and that your hair is pointing at the hole. To help do this you can line your own body up against the club, which remember should be 90 degrees from the ball.

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