There is no excuses for any writer not to use a free plagiarism checker.

By: Samuel Perth

One thing that is unique about internet culture is that people seem to think that any content online has been fabricated by computers. Any written content online can be used for their advantage no matter how misleading or erroneous the content is. The fact is that in any format, written content still has a level of ownership and any person who generates information should be cited properly and be recognized for what they have written. Information comes at a very fast pace nowadays and topics rise considerably due to the increasing interests of many people to use the internet to vent their ideas or shake up existing concepts. To ensure that digital content is kept fresh, and free from plagiarism issues, an online plagiarism checker is a vital tool for any writer.

Do not feel so entitled until you checked the web.
There are so many things that have been written on numerous topics ever since the internet has been created and ever since SEO and online marketing has expanded its reach to the global market. Thus, your own ideas might just be a culmination of information that has been written by someone else. Nowadays, you have no other way to escape plagiarism issues since the internet, no matter how chaotic it may be, has its own accessible form of checks and balances using a free plagiarism checker. A free plagiarism checker is ideal for those who want to verify if on the surface level, they might have a lapse of judgment and have simply reiterated ideas from someone else.

It makes life easier for those who want to do their jobs right.
In a business where information is money, it is vital to earn it the right way. You have written something about a certain topic. Part of the proofreading challenge is to ensure that your information is clean. The plagiarism checker checks content on the surface level but there are more sophisticated tools out there that help you check if there are ideas that have been copied and used on the same context and flow. A writer should always use an online plagiarism checker when creating content that will be published online. Any content that you write must be free from any form of plagiarism. In fact, some clients are willing to file cases since it is not just about copied content: it is also about the reputation of the client or the actual writer being tainted due to these errors.
In plagiarism, it does not matter if your error is unintended or intended.

You made an error and did not format the quote from a certain blogger. You failed to rephrase a statement and made it seem as your own. You forgot to change the flow of the content to make it more unique and substantial to your purpose. An online plagiarism checker is just a click away from you. This is not extra work for any writer. You are obliged to be responsible for the information you share. You also do not have any excuse not to use free tools to verify surface issues. More importantly, you know what you have written and if you have doubts, better use the online plagiarism checker than suffer the consequences of losing clients or reputation just because of a lapse in judgment.

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