Theme Party Ideas for First-Time Organizers

By: Richard Curtain

Theme parties are all the rage nowadays! In fact, it is usually what separates an extraordinary party from an ordinary one. Most of the time, participants are more eager to attend a gathering if it has an interesting theme that goes with it. They come more prepared and they have greater anticipation for the event.

Just in case you are assigned to organize the next party and you don't have any idea about what theme would work well, here goes a short list that aims to help you get started in the right direction:

Costume Party

This often works as a Halloween party idea but you don't have to wait for that day before you can use this. Besides, a lot of people are into cosplay nowadays, making costume parties more widely accepted than before.

To make it more fun for everyone, you can hold contests like "Best Costume" for both the male and female category. Some of the concepts you can play around with include western (where everyone is required to wear cowboy attire), superheroes, cartoon characters, Hollywood celebrities, and so much more.

Go Professional

On the other hand, if you are hosting a party for a group of, let's say, college students aiming to complete their course together, a professional themed shindig will be a hit. One of the ideas is to wear suits and ties for men and informal dresses for women.

Retro Party

You can also turn back the hands of time by having a retro party. Yes, this isn't exactly a revolutionary idea because it has been used over and over in many gatherings already. However, if held occasionally, retro is a great theme to play around with. Bell bottom jeans, afro wigs, huge aviator sunglasses, are always fun to wear! You can also be a little more specific by selecting an era such as 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's.

Of course, it would be highly recommended to have a playlist from the era you picked. This will help you achieve a consistent vibe for your party. For example, new wave music is best for the 80's while punk and rock and roll is ideal for the 70's. It all depends on your personal taste!

Welcome to the Jungle

Another fun-filled theme for parties is the jungle theme party. This means participants will wear jungle clothing such as those seen in The Flintstones, Jungle Book, and many others. The interesting part here is how you can make your party place resemble a jungle. You may use decorations such as stuffed toy animals along with makeshift trees and everything else.

More Themes to Choose From

Now these are just some of the party concepts you can consider as you try to plan for your next party. If you want to explore other additional ideas, you can browse theme parties at PartiesOnline. The website is a good resource that will help you come up with good party themes plus you can purchase essential party supplies while you are there.

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Richard Curtain used to work for a caterer and party planner in Melbourne. With his exposure to party preparations and scouting for supplies online and offline, he developed the knack for being a party thrower himself. You can browse theme parties here at

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