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When it comes to the Thailand company registration process I cannot count how many times people have told me that it is too lengthy or technical or that the rules are too convoluted to follow. These same people end up giving up and their business ultimately fails and it is a shame really as this could have been the next big thing so the point of this article is to discuss whether or not the laws that govern the Thailand company registration are too strict and whether or not they should be relaxed to increase trading between Thailand and other countries.

The first thing to look at is why the process of company registration in Thailand is so lengthy. Many skeptics believe it is so that the Thai government can give you the runaround and that they are not really wanting foreign businesses in the country and so they ignore you are drown you in draconian rules or requirements so much so that you end up just giving up. This outlook may have some merit when you consider the quality of some of the so-called ‘businesses’ that suddenly spring up which are ill equipped or lacking in whatever they are trying to produce or sell and are just based in Thailand as that is the only other country that has allowed them to operate so far without being denied or immediately shut down.

The Thailand company registration process is also there to ensure that those who want to do business in Thailand and want to register a company here are entirely serious and can development ensure that the business is sustainable and that they are bringing, through this company, work or creating work in a profession that Thai people are not know for such as computing or electronics. In this sense the rules that govern the Thailand company registration make a lot of sense as the Thai government is just trying to protect Thailand as well as increase foreign trade at the same time which can definitely be quite the circus act to follow and juggling both of these successfully is quite a feat. In that manner then it makes sense that the Thailand company registration process is lengthy with very strict requirements as they are just trying to protect the country.

This means that ultimately the Thailand company registration process is something for your own protection as I am sure that there have been many applications that have been submitted and approved but that the company collapsed due to not being able to perform as they originally stated or because, in the end, they ultimately did not meet the requirements that were asked and so therefore they failed or were forced to close, make no mistake, Thailand takes the Thailand company registration process very seriously to ensure it is not swamped with fake businesses or businesses that ultimately end up going nowhere. As ever then it make sense to make sure that all areas and aspect of the Thailand company registration process is followed to ensure successful business ties in whatever business deeds you are trying to achieve in Thailand.

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