The world's top ten Deserts

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The desert is Sandy desert. One-third of Earth's land is desert. The world's land area is 1.49 million square kilometers, accounting for 29% of the total area of the earth, of which about 1 / 3 (48 million square kilometers) in arid, semi-arid desert land, and the annual rate of 60,000 square kilometers to expand forward. The desert area accounted for 10% of the total land area and 43% of the land are facing the threat of desertification. We look at the world's top ten deserts:
Located in northern Africa, East and West up to 5600 km from north to south width of 1,600 km, with a total area of about 9,600,000 square kilometers, accounting for about 32% of the total area of Africa is the world's largest desert. Extremely bad weather conditions, is Earth the least suitable for biological growth in the world. This desert is formed about 2.5 million years ago.
Arabian Desert
Arabian Desert is desert in the Arabian Peninsula, an area of 2,330,000 square kilometers, the world's second largest desert. The average temperature in the Arabian desert more than 20 ℃, the hottest month in July the average temperature exceeded 30 ℃, the coldest month in January the average temperature was higher than 10 ℃, and more between the 15 ~ 24 ℃.
Libyan Desert
Libyan Desert is in Northeast part of the Sahara. Starting from eastern Libya through southwestern Egypt, Sudan Xi extended to the northern end. How the desert plateau of rock and rock or sandy plains, dry climate uninhabitable. The highest point at the junction of three is Ouweinate Mountain (1934 meters, 6345 feet). Residents of small, concentrated in Egypt, Siwa, thanks Hali Ye, Feilafeila, Dakhla and other oasis. Libyan Desert Western Desert of Egypt, some say, far refers to an area west of Egypt. World War II battle occurred.
Australian desert
Australian desert is in Australia's southwest, an area of some 1.55 million square kilometers. Because of scarce rainfall, it is very drought. The maximum temperature in summer can reach 50 degrees Celsius. Because there is no tall trees block the wind from the desert all day over the roar. Wind was the only sound. Anyone would think that this is a death domain, but in 1973 a man named Fu Lanna in Australian botanists discovered a motorcycle trip, this piece of desert about 3,600 kinds of plants and prosperity as much as symbiotic. If calculated per unit area, species diversity is much more than the tropical rain forests of South America. Therefore, the discoverers called here for the desert garden. Grew up here, water and nutrients plants need very little, almost one-tenth of the plant elsewhere. At the same time, all the leaves of plants here are not green, but with a variety of colors. Even more strange is that these flowers can be unimaginably large number of nectar secretion.
Northeast Asia
Northeast Asia including the Altai Mountains Desert Gobi Desert to the southeast, Da Hinggan Ling west of Mongolia to the south of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the northeast, North China Plain to the northwest of the vast arid and semi arid areas, to include most of China's desert plains area of 1.04 million kilometers.
Patagonia Desert
Argentina is located in southern South America, east of the Andes, an area of about 67 million square kilometers. American General is a guide to Patagonia Andes to the east of the area south of the Colorado River, primarily located in Argentina, a small part belongs to Chile.
Lubo Harry desert
Means "quarter of empty ", which will occupy about a quarter of the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the world's largest deserts and also known as the Arabian desert. It has area of 650,000 square kilometers. But mostly seems read because of its rich iron oxide. It is typical of the desert, tropical desert climate. Monthly temperature in Central hottest day in summer and up to 70 ~ 80 ℃, the night fell to 30 ℃, the coldest winter temperatures of above 40 ℃, the average annual precipitation of less than 50 mm.
Kalahari Desert
Also translated the Kalahari Desert, which is inland dry zone of southern Africa. Also known as "the Kalahari Basin," is the main topographic areas in central and southern Africa. The total area of it is about 63 million square kilometers. China plateau in southern Africa as a large basin-like plain. It occupies almost all of Botswana, eastern Namibia, 1 / 3 and the Cape Province of South Africa, part of the far north. Meters in the southwest and that the waterfront than the Namibia desert mixed into one. Maximum length of the Kalahari desert north-south about 1,600 km (1,000 miles), what the maximum distance is 960 kilometers (600 miles) around the area of an estimated 930,000 square kilometers (360,000 square miles).
Great Sandy Desert
It is most in Western Australia. It is in the south east of Kimberley Plateau and the Pilbara region and where the northern boundary extended to the east. Most of it is the dunes, only a stone desert in Central.
Taklimakan Desert
Tarim Basin in Southern Xinjiang, Uygur language means "go but canít get out of the place", local people often call it the "sea of death." Something about the desert more than 1,000 kilometers from north to south 400 km wide, with a total area of 337,600 square kilometers, is the largest desert in China is the world's second largest mobile desert. In the world's major deserts, the Taklimakan Desert is the most mysterious, the most attractive one. Center is a typical continental desert climate, strong wind, temperature changes, low annual precipitation. The height of the dune generally 100-200 m up to 300 meters.

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