The undying charisma of Bollywood songs

By: Vikram Kuamr

As a people, there is nothing even remotely subtle about Indians. They like their food super-spicy, load it with ghee, wear overtly bright clothing, and listen to loud, lively music. They might have small aspirations and even smaller hopes, lead very common lives, live in overcrowded cities and pigeon-hole homes, but they carry their heart on their sleeve and a song in their heart – and very literally so. Though the hallowed hallways of international corporates have unwritten policies of phones being on silent mode (like hospitals and libraries) there is no law that bars you from listening to the music of your choice in public places.

And so, if you are in one, your ears will be inundated with music that is melodious, tasteful, the “dhinchak” ones, some of which can be downright tacky. The bourgeois and nouveau-riche crowd might snub this local taste in music and settle for the Michael Jackson and Eminem brand of music. But when no one’s around to judge and begrudge their choice, just once in a while, they will switch to an FM Hindi music channel while driving to work. They will lip-sync the popularly played Bollywood songs that are famous merely by virtue of being sung (not literally), by a particular muscle-flexing hero or a hip- gyrating heroin. Conditioning has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it.

Music is a staple
Bollywood songs are the USP of Hindi movies and one that doesn’t boast of any is considered to be arty and retrograde and will be shunned by the “aam junta” or the common man. It is a very common sight to see people with headphones perched on their heads or earphones plugged into their ears. They are either tuned into an FM channel that plays Hindi songs 24/7 or to music that has been downloaded to their smartphones or MP3 players. When someone buys a phone today they check its memory capacity and its music compatibility. There was a time when FM was the undisputed music king, but too much of mindless babble from the hosts and an endless chain of advertisements took the charm out of these Radio channels within no time. The mirchis were stripped of their spice, the reds were stripped of their shades and music-lovers migrated to greener pastures.

Music for all
Thus the MP3 download era emerged and downloading music from various music websites became fashionable and habitual. Online music channels are a dime a dozen but not all of them provide you with Hindi songs in all the genres you desire. There are a few like Indiansongspk that have been providing a good range of music. You can download Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil or Telugu songs. You can search via movie name or look for a song of your choice as well. These songs can be downloaded onto your mobile phone or computer. Once you have it there you have access to unhindered music pleasure. No more incessant blabber and no more ads. As the 17th century playwright Shakespeare rightly said-“If music be the food of life, play on”

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Indians have subsisted on Bollywood Songs fare since the time they were born. Indiansongspk caters to the typical Indian who loves his Hindi Songs loud and music blaring.

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