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By: edward fery

Many companies online including social media sites like Facebook and other websites like Apple application store have unclear policies. But if we go deeper, this problem is not only with some sites but it is with all websites. Because the American congress acts PIPA (Protect IP Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) were made, and were meant to pass on the same issue of unclear guidelines and policies. But that did not happen, nor is there a chance of such an incident to happen again.
However, the issue and the fear of unclear guidelines and policies of companies from the top notch companies to small businesses are still unclear.
As we all know that we cannot control small companies' privacy acts although they are strictly checked but explaining them here will not have much impact on the global public. So I will explain about the unexplained policies of Apple .Inc, an electronic product selling company and much noticeable due to Steve Jobs and iPhones and iPads.
Recently Apple .Inc removed an application from its Online Application store on the issue that the respective application was spreading nudity (not porn). The removal was very good idea and in my opinion the right choice. But when talked to the Chairman of that application, he had some other valid explanation, saying that Apple. Inc had not publicized this in their policies. And the letter he received from Apple was that his application was removed because it was promoting vulgar images which account in pornography.
However, he said that his application did have nude images but they were in no sense related to pornography.
Here, I would like to point that this article has nothing to do with pornography or nudity, rather as the topic goes… the article is about the unclear and unexplained policies of different companies which are changed on behalf of the authorities. Whenever they want and to whatever they want. So, in normal sense we can surely say that the companies that operate online are just self interested and have no sympathy for the public.
Same is the case with Facebook. Countless times, newspapers, articles, online articles, magazine features have raised voices against the unexplained policy and the privacy phenomenon on Facebook. But I don’t think the guys at Menlo Park lend any years to the cries of these objects and their ridiculous and lousy issues.
In the conclusion, I am being a little sarcastic, but the reality is that, it needs to change! And this change be completed by the clearly defined policies of Small and Big enterprises.
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