The truth about internet gambling and laws banning it - part 3

By: Steve Briggs

It could not in the end convince the WTO officials of the sincerity of its claim of moral high ground. Judegment was given to the small countries that had filed the complaint and since that ruling more small countries have also filed complaints.

It seems not even old George Bush who found a way into office not once but twice by what many consider questionable means ... could smooth talk the WTO into believing that the U.S. truly believed it was unethical to gamble online at off-shore casinos but okay to place bets on the horse races. The real truth of the matter is the same as it has always been regardless of the "where", and that is its all about the money. The United States hardly gave internet gambling a second thought for years until it grew to a size that the money going off shore and not being taxed grew into such a size as to gain notice. Then it became something from which the people needed to be protected because it was easier to make that claim than to get laws passed which would openly allow internet gambling, and the taxes therefore regulation ... that would come with making internet gambling legal.

There is just enough of a collection against gambling for their own personal moral values ... to make it an unpopular agenda for a politician to push, regardless of whether it is better for the community in the long run. No politican wants to be saddled with a reputation of supporting gambling (in fact some base their campaigns on moral ethics such as banning gambling and other such vices) but history has proven that prohibition does not work and most politicians know that too ... so they leave the issue alone. What concerned the government officials most however is the bleeding of money out of the country with no benefit and that is the truth of the matter and continues that way to this day. One other side note worth mentioning is that the Senator who introduced the bill to make it illegal for banking institutions to allow gambling transactions in the United States ... accepted donations from a gambling entity: yep, you guessed it, the horse racing association.

(end part 3)

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