The top property rental tips for Oxford University students

By: praveenkumar

Finding the right accommodation to rent in Oxford can be a great challenge for the university student who already has a very limited amount of time, and money, not to mention a lack of experience in buying and renting property. Here are the top tips to help prevent you from suffering the stresses of renting the wrong property in Oxford.

Rent with other university students

The cost of rent per person tends to go down as the number of sharers in the house increases. If you are a full time student you will be exempt from paying council tax, part time students on the other hand will still have to pay. Full time students should avoid sharing accommodation with part time students in case the household decides that it is unfair for the part-time student to pay the entire Council Tax bill on their own.

Find your accommodation early

The best student accommodation in Oxford tends to go early. Make sure you check the Oxford University boards and recommend estate agencies, plus try asking other existing students for advice on where they rented previously and if they have any of their own tips. You can also use a UK property search engine like Gartoo to find the best properties early.

Don't be put off if the house is a mess

Cleaning a house from top to bottom isnít fun, but if the house is in a mess when you look around, donít let this put you off as this is the fault of the previous tenant, and is not a reflection on the landlord or property.

Make sure you judge interior over exterior

Don't worry if your house looks shoddy from the outside, just make sure the space you have to live in is up to scratch. Try to gauge the quality of the carpets and walls when you are looking around.

Find out what furniture is included with the property

The furniture you see in the property when you look around might belong to the previous tenant, be sure to ask your landlord what furniture is included.

Find out what electrical appliances are included with the house.

It really is useful to have a washing machine as laundrettes are rare in Oxford, and they are expensive compared to having your own washing machine. Don't expect a TV either.

Seek unbiased advice on what itís like to live in Oxford

Itís advisable to network with other students in Oxford by participating on student forums, and social networking websites such as Facebook. Itís likely that your landlord will have a vested interest in selling you the property, so be sure to take the landlordís advice sparingly.

Find a property in a safe area

Oxford has a student population of approximately 30,000, which makes it a targeted area for burglars. Students should ask their Landlord to fit key operating locks on the windows and five lever deadlocks on all external doors. Before renting a property it is advisable to visit the area in the evening to get a feel for how safe the area is.

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