The top game world - are you desirable

By: Hayden

The world in the game is either entirely fictional, or is the illusion based on the reality, even so, sometimes we still want to be able to visit these different world. However, if not just live here, but also live in seclusion, which would you choose to live in the game world? How do you think of the following games?
"GT Racing"
You know, in real life, few people can afford a Ferrari F450. It is the pursuit of boys, man's dream! But in the world of "GT Racing" and "Forza Motorsport", car fans dream comes true. In this game, players can purchase, and assemble a lot of cars, if these cars are in real life, you would have been unthinkable. Well, these may also not subvert, but the world is far more than that. In real life, you would not put 20 cars in the garage. Each price is over one hundred thousand dollars, and will not drive them to play bumper cars on the road. Not even think about 60 miles per kilometer speed crashed into the wall, and the car was unharmed.
"Kingdom Hearts"
If you are a Disney fan, you cannot think of too many amazing world can surpass the "Kingdom Hearts". Is not brought together in Crewe Tron, Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Gallop, The Lion King Simba, Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Rabbit and all you could be familiar with Disney characters work? ! There is key blade master, praise, praising, unparalleled praise!
"Little Big Planet"
Perhaps this is an absolutely crazy weird game world, but who cares, why not. Continuous transformation of the universe so that your life will cheer, remain vigilant to avoid being controlled by some strange alien species. If you have to point them to realize the philosophy of truth, let us realize that this world, those of us who are not familiar, the same will affect our lives. Certainly, I'm not sure whether I want to live in such a world. I may not be able to adapt when a burlap doll. Well, officially decide to make this game kicked into account.
Or, you can call it "Valve-verse", I would say that this may be a dull, gray world, but there is portal gun. Need I say more? ! Portal Gun That was it!
"Super Mario"
Mushroom Kingdom had been established for some years, but today, I would still want a Super Mario suit. I also want to eat on a flame flower, and then ejected fireball. I want a Yoshi, also want to float in SMB2 world with peach princess. I am willing to spend a lifetime with friends accompanied, deal with the enemy. I want a mushroom kingdom, put myself in it, until forever.

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