The ten most common occupations in the games

By: Hayden

Speaking of work, it is certainly inseparable with a variety of occupations. In the game, characters also have their own career, there are many game characters may get "Model Worker". Now let's be together to see the top ten most common occupations.
1 soldier, "Battlefield 3"
Soldier is regarded as the most common occupational game, and a variety of FPS and TPS protagonist and his teammates are soldiers. Some of those soldiers are to defend the motherland, some are in order to their organization's interests, they are brave to strike in battle, some killed in battle, and some are triumphant return.
2 racers, "Colin Mcrae: Dirt 3" and so on
Racer, this career is also very common in the game. The main characters are all racing driver in racing games. Driving with a variety of luxury sports cars on the road Trackmania about, or driving a sport utility vehicle drift off the track in the sand dust, this is a racer all romantic.
3 farmers, "StarCraft 2"
Which roles are most important in real-time strategy game? Soldiers or tanks, airplanes? They are not! Work hard to collect resources for you to build houses is the farmers is the most important role in RTS game. Without them, the military organization does not come out anyway. So we remember those strikes RTS cannon fodder soldiers, but also present a tribute to those obscure, and hard working RTS farmers.
4 hunter, "Monster Hunter 2"
Hunter is also very common in the game as a career, in the game there is a very orthodox modern hunter holding a shotgun, but more hunters with fantasy to hunter monster, here hunter has kinds of skills, and takes a variety of artifacts in hands, but still have to be careful not to become others prey, after all, some of the monsters are too strong.
5 assassin, "Assassin's Creed"
Return to Innocence, neat action, hidden in darkness, this is a qualified assassin. Whether it is "Assassin's creed" or "killer 47", are to show us the assassins the special career full of the art of death.
6 businessman," Rich Man"
Most business simulation game's protagonists are businessmen, and there are engaged in real estate in them, there are building the railways, and even do the same game like the "game development country"! Can be able to wealthy, businessman is probably the most desirable and also the most challenging profession.
7 plumber, "Mario"
There is such a role, from FC era to the present. Still took nearly 20 years of plumbers, this role is Uncle Mario. 20 years as one day, plumber Mario has been so hard working, brought us much joy. Uncle Mario is definitely the best labor model in the game industry!
8 spy, "Metal Gear Solid"
Hiding in the dark, disguised as an enemy, almost perform a variety of tasks impossible to complete, capture a variety of information can be reversed to the overall situation, this is the spies to do everything. Speaking of the game's famous spy, the uncle snake in "Metal Gear Solid" in and Fisher in the "Splinter Cell" definitely bear the brunt. The protagonist in the "watchdog" Is about to debut is expected to become a benchmark for a new generation of spy game.
9 politicians," SimCity"
How to determine whether a politician is good or bad? I think as long as we look at people's living conditions in that politicians city. People can live a prosperous life, the city's economic situation is better year after year, then the politicians of this city are very good. Many games have given us the opportunity to experience the politicians, urban construction, real estate development, develop policies, and properly handle diplomacy, doing all this must only have one purpose: to make people lives better!
10 fortune finder, "Tomb Raider"
Many people dream of overnight riches, though it is very impractical. In addition to the lottery luck, went out looking for a lost ancient treasures may well be a good choice. Laura in "Tomb Raider" and Drake in "Uncharted" is such treasure hunters. There are a lot of risks to explore the tombs hole course, bizarre traps make people prevent inadvertent, and sometimes we will encounter ferocious beasts in the wild, even there are armed forces want to capture treasures you found. So if you have not a skill, cannot be like geckos climbing the cliffs with ease, or not be like cobra discern authorities traps and discover hidden channel. Suggest you do not do that treasure hunters, after all, the profession is no ordinary person can do it well.

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