The rise in business travel:

By: william benn

People who live in this world called ‘earth’ have to visit all parts of the world for business. Businesses of all types need collaboration, team meet ups, and is built on networks. However, of course, they cannot do all that by just sitting in one place. Movement is needed to keep up the phase of business with changing world.
Why businesses need to travel?
In Greek world when the whole world was not made and even Jesus had not arrive in this world. At that, time businesses were governed by the cities, like taking food to Athens from Sparta or taking crops to Melos as it is in centre. Companies, who were at that time under the control of the Greek emperor had to travel from cities to cities. In addition, at that time there was no country or nation state system so it was just the cities.
Today, that scenario is the same but the land and privatization has increased. Now people do not travel like this, instead they travel using airplanes from one place to another.
What is business travel?
Okay, so let me get two things straight. One is that the business travel takes short stay times at different locations and now many new flights have been introduced which are only related to business.
Business travel on the rise in 21st century:
After the soviet collapse, capitalization and privatization increased by many folds. Now, Business travel is not just another suggestion but has turned to a necessity.
In addition, it is seen that business travel has increased the overall condition of economies in many parts of the world. Moreover, now countries are focusing more on the types of airports they are having, and are inclining to improve the infrastructure of that place.
Third world countries and Business Travel:
It is seen that the third world countries are trying to take their place among the big business giants. I am not just talking about the companies. However, the third world countries are now managing to invest and travel for business on large scales.
Recently, China, India and Brazil have earned the status of fastest developing countries of the world. Moreover, it is being said the percentage of travel in India, China will increase by 111% by 2016.
At the same time, Brazil is also feeling the traveling factor and will be leaving UK, France and Italy behind in overall travelling infrastructure in the next three years.

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